Monday, December 4, 2023

Real Zaragoza – Málaga CF: Hope or tragedy

The moment of the truth has come. Yes, so were Leganés, Oviedo, Cartagena or Sporting and many others who fell by the wayside, but perhaps this is the most important match of Málaga CF so far this season. For the rival, for the need to cling to a thread of hope and for what the three points can mean. For a week, the Martiricos environment would be with a hint of illusion. For now, The blue and white team visits Real Zaragoza this Saturday (9:00 p.m./LaLigaSmartBank TV) in a duel in which there is more than a victory at stake for both of them.

There has been no room for trial and error for a long time. Pepe Mel himself, after the tie against those from Gijón, was in charge of defining the match in tricky lands as a “final”. This Friday, at a press conference, he took a step back and described it as a “league game.” However, it is not a simple meeting. Málaga CF is playing at La Rosaleda to be able to get excited about something, to be able to confirm that there is a job that accompanies it and none of that has happened so far.

The only absolute truth right now is that the blue and white team will continue to decline until the next day of LaLiga SmartBank. There are six points that move you away from the positions that grant salvation. Even if there is a landslide or a cataclysm. Does not matter. However, it is true that the negative consequences will be much more noticeable than the positive ones. If you win, there will be a thread of hope to hold on to. If it is lost, the sinking of the ship will be absolute. Unfortunately, these are the feelings right now.

Turning them around will be the job of the players and Pepe Mel. After the Copa del Rey, the important thing returns: saving the category. Málaga CF have only managed 1 of the last 12 points they have had at stake. For some reasons or others, the results do not end up falling on the blue and white side. To the margin of everything what happens in the course of the parties, one of the reasons could be the injuries. The technician always has the obligation to innovate. He has not been able to create a compact block that goes out to fight every game.

The visit to La Romareda will not be an exception. Ramón, N’Diaye, Dani Lorenzo, Andrés Caro Y Alex Gallar They have been dropped from the call for various reasons. At least footballers like Luis Munoz Y javi jimenez They return after not traveling to Ibiza. Only in the midfield line will there be doubts due to injuries. Escassi or Luis Muñoz as a pivot? Or both together? Regarding the rest of the lineup, it will almost be necessary to think more about who will make fewer mistakes.

However, if life at Málaga CF is not brimming with happiness right now, things in Zaragoza are not going much better. Fran Escribá will debut this Saturday as a new handy coach in the Second Division. The club decided a week ago to turn the present and the future of sports around 180 degrees. However, the first test has received a failing rating and that is that in the Cup they fell against Diocesano de Segunda RFEF (1-0). As if that were not enough, they arrive with the loss of Christian Ramireztheir starting goalkeeper, and absolutely fought with the goal.

This is the new reality of two historic Spanish football. The pressure is absolute, neither of the two projects is being what was initially expected. One tries to swim with arm warmers, the other pleads for a float to keep from being swept away by the current. On the horizon is the transfer marketbut until then we will have to arrive alive and Málaga CF has to get the three points no matter what.


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