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Real Madrid, pending Vinicius’s knee, although Ancelotti is optimistic

It happened in a play at the start of the second half of the game between Real Madrid and Almería. Vinicius He faced Mendes, the Almería winger, who inadvertently hit him in the incident. Nothing serious, a priori, because the Brazilian continued playing without any apparent problem. But as the minutes passed, the concern grew because the gestures of the madridista did not invite optimism.

At a time of break in the match, Vinicius approached the band to be treated, where one of the physios massaged him and tried to solve the discomfort the player was suffering. Carlo Ancelotti he took an interest in him and the two decided that he should continue in the field.

However, the Real Madrid player did not face his rivals again as he had been doing until the moment of the clash with Mendes. And a few minutes later The Brazilian, who had seen the tenth yellow card in this League after protesting to the referee, turned to the bench and asked for the change. Something he hadn’t done all season. A sign that the blow was more serious than initially expected. Upon reaching the bench he sat next to Rodrygo, who had been placed on ice to combat muscle fatigue after the demands of recent games.

Ancelotti, optimistic

Asked about him, Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that “he has suffered a blow to the knee, but it is nothing. In a couple of days he will recover for sure and also will not be able to be in the next league game. He will be recovered to play the Copa del Rey final”. In the locker room, nobody gives much importance to the blow, but now it remains to see the evolution of the ailment in the next few hours to see if he reaches the final of La Cartuja next Saturday against Osasuna in perfect condition. Being in the knee and not in the thigh, which is popularly known as a ‘sandwich’, the incident generates a little more concern. Especially after materializing Modric’s loss, with an injury to the back of his left thigh, in the Cup final and against Manchester City. At least on the way.

The coach also referred to Vinicius’ admonition: “It is clear that by protesting, you do not win anything. But andIt is surprising that this League has ten yellow cards; the most ‘ugly’ midfielder in the League does not have ten yellow cards. I think they take too many from him and few, from those who give him. The reality is that he protests because he always makes mistakes. And as he protests, they take cards from him. He has ten yellow cards, much less than his rivals ”.

Vinicius has already equaled the records of his previous season, 22 goals and 20 assists, when Real Madrid still has nine games left to play: six in the League, the Cup final and, at least, the two Champions League semifinal games. Which suggests that the Brazilian will once again improve his offensive records for another year, which should place him among the candidates for the Ballon d’Or next season.

Ballon d’Or Numbers

In the match against Almería, the Brazilian once again participated in another goal, in this case the one that opened the can, with an assist for Benzema after four minutes. ‘Vini’ has already participated in 42 goals this season, with 22 goals scored and 20 assists. Of them ten goals and ten assists have occurred in the League. ANDThis places him in this classification of goals generated behind Haaland, who has participated in 56, and together with Mbappé, who also did so in 42 goals. Vinicius, who is the only player in the Champions League to have scored a goal in every game in this Champions League, whether scored or scored, has even generated more goals than Benzema himself.


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