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Real Madrid gets the ‘win’ with Benzema: Double against Athletic in 7 minutes (1-2)

It is not luck. It’s called talent and voracity. What he did Benzema In the first seven minutes in San Mamés it was something big. It happens on the same day that the millionaire draw for Spaniards makes many people happy who had the tenth prize. The ‘fat man’ also fell at Real Madrid. It was, as we say, with the devastating start of the game that the French striker had. He scored two goals in less than seven minutes. To be more exact in 6 minutes and 33 seconds. Of the two, the first one is a wonder with a thread stroke from a corner of the area to sneak the ball into the furthest post. Agirrezabala, the Athletic goalkeeper who is playing for Unai Simón (one of the many infected by the covid), could not do anything.

Real Madrid gets the 'win' with Benzema: Double against Athletic in 7 minutes (1-2)

Karim Benzema scored a goal in minute 4 that is a work of art. The second was already inside the area in a play led by Hazard. The ball bounced off Unai Nuñez and there was Benzema with the trigger to hit again. When it seemed that we had seen it all from Benzema, He never ceases to amaze us with his 34 years just turned. Against Cádiz, at the Bernabéu, he could not celebrate the appointed date. It coincided on a thick day and without aim. The stands cheered him on by singing ‘happy birthday, but it could not be before his fans. Benzema gave the feast in Bilbao.

With the two goals of ‘9’, the feeling was that the magical night in San Mamés had been loaded by Benzema. It was not so. Athletic reacted and got into the game with a blow from Sancet, from the front of the area, which did not reach Courtois. The ball hit the post and went inside. Camavinga neglected the brand. The young Frenchman entered the eleven to make up for Casemiro’s suspension due to suspension. He was not attentive and Athletic, three minutes after Benzema’s second goal, returned to the game.

Camavinga, a brawler

On nights like this, football is beautiful. Two teams were running for victory. Two sets with too many casualties due to the happy coronavirus. Some players decided that you had to enter hard and boldly to win the game. At Real Madrid, the reconstruction was to put together a midfield with Camavinga, Kroos, and Fede Valverde and that the casualties of Casemiro and Modric (with symptoms after passing the covid). Camavinga is not Casemiro. He is a powerful, physical, intense player, but his youth makes him commit reckless actions. He was not well-positioned in the goal of Sancet and he hit two stomps (Muniain and Zarraga) that could cost him the yellow card. It was not spared. In 61 ‘they showed it by grabbing Muniain.

Benzema’s success was great for Madrid. After the goal of Athletic, the plan was once again the one that Ancelotti liked the most. He backed away, drew back, and tried to get out on the backlash. Hazard, who was playing his second straight game in three days, confirmed that he is faster. He ran a lot on the right-wing, even though it is not his favorite area. He hurt and gave a back pass that could have been Benzema’s third goal. De Marcos avoided it. In the final stretch of the game, he was able to make the third.

All of this happened in a dizzying first part. After the break, the two teams decided that they could take no more risk and took precautions. Better surveillance, more control, and pause. This slow game rhythm favored Ancelotti’s men. At Athletic, They did not want more scares, a third goal that put everything more uphill, and he fell back to leave no space. The team that lost the ball took cover. Everything was already more predictable. The dangerousness in the areas lowered.

Athletic, without tusk

The first miscalculation was made by Lucas Vazquez in the delivery of the ball to Sancet. He left outlining the area of Courtois. Sancet passed Iñaki Williams and the forward’s shot passed close to the Belgian’s goal. The game was encouraged. Athletic pressed in, more intense, and determined to increase the pressure to make an uncomfortable match for Real Madrid. It is the phase where the leader missed Casemiro and Modric to get the ball out and stretch the team. It was Madrid’s turn to pull ex officio, clench its teeth to hold the loot. He gave up giving depth to the game, direct actions, verticality and wanted to sleep the game with more possession of the ball. A conservative Real Madrid. In resistance mode.

In Athletic, a goal was missing. Raúl García tried it with a distant shot that went up when the game was already in the last fifteen minutes. The Williams brothers had the opportunity to tie in a cross by Nico from the right that Iñaki did not finish. With Athletic overturned, the action that Real Madrid was looking for appeared. A counterattack between Vinicius, Benzema, and Hazard ended the Belgian with a left foot that deflected down Agirrezabala. There he was able to close the game.

It was left open and the threat returned with a pass from Iñaki to Nico Williams that stopped Courtois in his exit with both feet. The two goalkeepers were already decisive for their teams. Madrid endured. He gave a leading shot in San Mamés and Benzema came out to applause from the public who recognized his talent.


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