Friday, December 8, 2023

Real Madrid answers Laporta with a video of the links between Franco and Barça

Laporta made this statement at his press conference to explain the external investigation commissioned into Barça’s payments to the former vice-president of the referees, José María Enríquez Negreira. At one point, he has censored the appearance in the legal case of Real Madridarguing that “it has been favored by arbitral decisions historically and currently”.

“The Regime Team”

The president of Barça has gone further, ensuring that Real Madrid “It has been considered the team of the regime. Of the regime of the day. Due to its proximity to political, economic and sports power”. The use of the expression “regime”, no one is aware of, was intended to directly link the white team with the Franco dictatorship.

Some statements that have greatly infuriated Madrid, which has decided to respond to them through a video published on Real Madrid TV, entitled “Who is the regime team?”. They are remembered in the video various milestones linked to Franco and Barcelonaas well as Madrid itself.

Phrases from the Real Madrid TV video

  • The Camp Nou was inaugurated by Franco’s general minister, José Solís Ruiz

  • Barcelona awarded the gold and diamond badge to Franco

  • Barcelona named Franco an honorary partner in 1965

  • Barcelona decorated Franco three times

  • Barcelona was saved three times from bankruptcy by three Franco reclassifications:

  • Barcelona won eight Leagues and nine Generalissimo Cups with Franco.

  • With Franco, it took Madrid 15 years to win the League.

  • Real Madrid was dismantled in the Civil War, players murdered, detained and exiled, as recounted in the Santiago Bernabéu documentary

Real Madrid TV relies on images from the NODE (some show Barça players making the fascist salute), headlines such as “Franco finished with the debt of the Barça” and also extracts from a Santiago Bernabéu documentary. He relies, precisely, on some statements by the late former president to leave a last and forceful message for Laporta: “When I hear that Madrid has been the regime’s team, it makes me want to shit on the father of the person who says so”.


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