Saturday, December 9, 2023

Real Estate Registry, the first institution in the country certified by the National Geographic Institute

He Real Estate Registry (RI) became the first institution in the country to receive certification of three of the Continuous Operation Reference Stations (CORS) that RI has installed, which guarantees that it has stations with the conditions and specifications required to function optimally. conditions.

The certification was granted by the National Geographic Institute “José Joaquín Hungría Morel” (IGN-JJHM), the Dominican State body responsible for establishing general policies aimed at strengthening, protecting and developing the areas of geography, cartography and geodesy. The three CORS of the Real Estate Registry that have been certified are: CORS La Vega (LVEG); CORS Santiago Rodríguez (SROD) and CORS Barahona (BARA).

As part of the validation process carried out by the IGN-JJHM geodesy department to grant the certification, visits were made to the facilities where the CORS are located to verify that they are operating correctly.

During the delivery of the certification, carried out at the RI facilities, the national director of Cadastral Surveys, surveyor Ridomil Rojas, stated that “This certification process of the three Permanent Stations of Continuous Operations (CORS) provided by the Real Estate Registry, conclusively constitutes the interest of our institution to strengthen the Dominican Real Estate System, providing the tools with the confidence and reliability index that technical processes deserve.

The national director took advantage of the meeting to congratulate the work of the National Geographic Institute“José Joaquín Hungría Morel” (IGN-JJHM), in order to strengthen and unify a National Geodetic System for the Dominican Republic and, in addition, reminded them that they have the support of the institution to continue strengthening the network.

The IGN-JJHM, from the direction of geodesy, has contemplated the certification project of public and private entities that are part of an inter-institutional agreement signed in October last year with the main entities dedicated to the management and use of the Network Geodesic of the Dominican Republic.

The objective of said agreement is to achieve the strategic guidelines to develop and consolidate the system for the country. So that there is georeferenced and standardized precision of the points, names and geographical aspects of the national territory, according to the statements of the national director of the IGN-JJHM, Bolívar Troncoso Morales.


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