Thursday, November 30, 2023

Real Estate Registry enables kiosks to request legal status certifications

He Real Estate Registry (RI) enabled kiosks at its main headquarters so that users can request legal status certifications, this with the aim of promoting the use of the institution’s digital platforms and making one of the most recurring services viable.

In the company of a service assistant, users learn the step by step to request a certification of legal status through the RImóvil application or the virtual office, explains the institution.

“With the opening of these kiosks, we want to give users confidence to use the institution’s digital platforms. Let them know that by entering the portal or using the App Rimóvil from their home or office, they can request their legal status certifications, save time and obtain the product digitally faster,” said Adabelle Acosta, User Service Manager.

Initially, the kiosks are located on the first level of the institution’s main headquarters, and the intention is to replicate them in the offices with the highest number of users.

This initiative is part of the innovation process that the RI has developed to bring the institution closer to its users, reduce commuting to its offices and use technology to provide the services offered by the RI.


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