Wednesday, December 6, 2023

RD participates in the Regional Seminar on Sustainable Livestock Production

The executive director of the National Council for the Regulation and Promotion of the Dairy Industry (Conaleche), Miguel Laureano, led the delegation of the Dominican Republic at the Regional Seminar “Sustainable Livestock Production in the Americas”, organized by the Pan American Dairy Federation (Fepale), in Buenos Aires, Argentinawhere experts issued the “Principles and Declarations” that seek to “strengthen the image of the livestock sector, as part of the solution to global warming and the reduction of greenhouse gases”.

During the seminar, which was held at the headquarters of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), from that South American country, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the United States were represented, who prepared a document in which they explain how they contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Laureano Nova, who was accompanied by Miguel Mejía, head of Recruitment and Inspection of Conaleche, affirmed that “livestock produces food to nourish societies such as the Dominican, speaking specifically of milk and meat, making significant contributions to the food security of the country”. He also stated that, in the country, “the dairy and livestock sector is committed to solutions to mitigate greenhouse gases.”

In this regard, it was reaffirmed that the production of milk and meat is not the origin of the problem, as many environmental organizations maintain. During it, they analyzed and debated how to strengthen the image of the livestock sector as part of the solution to global warming and the reduction of greenhouse gases. greenhouse effect.

One of the central moments of the event was the presentation of the document “Principles and Declarations” of the livestock sector, in which the guidelines and position of the region in relation to the opportunities of the livestock sector and the trade of livestock products were set out, and how they can contribute to sustainable food systems and food safety.


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