Sunday, May 28, 2023

Rayados vs Santos series historically couple in league

Although on paper this series between Saints and striped It would be the most uneven due to the number of league points between both teams, the reality in the league reveals that there is historically reflected parity between both clubs.

This quarterfinal series of the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX between Monterrey and Santos will be the seventh in the era of short tournaments between the two teams, in the previous six the victories have been divided to three per side.

The first was in the semifinals of the Tournament Closing 2008 being tied at three goals on aggregate, however, Saints they agreed to that final due to a better position in the general table than the Rayados.

In it Opening 2010 of Liga MX both teams met in the grand final of Mexican soccer, the striped Led by Vucetich they beat those from the Shire by five goals to three to be champions.

The rematch came for the lagoons in it Closing 2012beating the royals three goals to two in the final to end up being champions at that time.

It took about six and a half years to meet again in the league in the Opening 2018on that occasion in the quarterfinals the Monterey eliminated Santos three goals to nil.

In it Opening 2019Rayados and Santos met for the fifth time in a group, again in the quarterfinals, there, the gang They advanced to the semifinals after beating those from Torreón in the quarterfinals and with an aggregate score of six goals to three.

The last time that both teams met in the league occurred in the quarterfinals of the Closing 2021achieving Saints the pass to the semifinals against Rayados after beating them on aggregate three goals to two.


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