Saturday, September 30, 2023

Rayados eliminates Tigres with controversy included in the Leagues Cup

With a controversial ending, the Rayados de Monterrey they eliminated the tigers with a penalty at the last minute in the round of 16 in the League Cup.

Rayados began with a very offensive posture, causing danger in the rear of the Tigres who suffered the attacks of the blue-and-whites in the first minutes.

Monterrey seemed to find the way to the goal when the whistler scored a penalty for a foul committed by Samir Caetano on Maximiliano Meza, however, seconds later the VAR reversed the marking by determining that the foul was outside the area.

Tigres balanced the actions and in the second half showed a superior face making the ball play at its own pace and calming the rival’s attacks.

The cats, faithful to their experience, paused the meeting, making the meeting slower.

When it seemed that the definition of the match would be defined in penalties, the referee scored a penalty in favor of those of Tano Ortiz for a foul by Javier Aquino, in a play that did not seem like a foul.

Sergio Canales took responsibility for taking the penalty and the Spaniard did not fail to deceive Nahuel Guzmán from eleven steps.

With this result, Rayados moved into the quarterfinals of the Leagues Cup and Canales began his history in the Clásicos regios on the right foot.


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