Friday, September 22, 2023

Rayados composes a song in honor of Vucetich in the Bowser style of Mario the movie

The euphoria of the good tournament of Victor Manuel Vucetich in front of striped and the box office success of mario the movie they came together to form a song in honor of the Monterrey coach.

The song “Peaches” that Bowser sings in the film was taken by the royal club to make its own version and highlight the best tournament of King Midas in front of the albiazules.

In this season, the gang came to 40 points and 13 winstying the super leadership and setting a new record of units for the Monterrey team.

Vuce, vuce, vuce, vuce, vuce, how much I love you”, is heard in the chorus of the melody.

Rayados is the top candidate for the title in this tournament and the fans dream of going around the Olympics for the third time with Vucetich.


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