Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ranbir Kapoor’s life is incomplete without ‘I don’t go to the bathroom, I don’t eat anything’? opened secret

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are the most lovable and good looking couple of Bollywood. Ranbir and Alia’s love for each other is well known. The love story of both the stars is no less than a fairytale. Now Ranbir has said something for Alia, listening to which you will also say wah love ho to aisa.

Ranbir loves Alia so much

Recently, in an interview with Navbharat Times, Ranbir and Alia were asked that do you depend on each other in real life as well? On this question, Ranbir said that he is completely dependent on Alia, because he always wants Alia with him.

Ranbir said- I boast like this that I am too independent, but the reality is that I am very dependent on Alia. If I didn’t know where Alia is, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom or eat anything. It is very important for me that Alia should be with me. It doesn’t matter whether we romance or talk with each other, she should just be sitting next to me.

Alia said this thing

On this point of Ranbir, Alia said that he is absolutely right. Alia told that Ranbir cannot do anything without her. Especially if there is anything related to health. Alia said- If I was not around, Ranbir leaves everything at the last minute.

Seeing Ranbir and Alia’s love for each other, the fans are jumping with joy and are praying for both of them to stay together like this always. Ranbir and Alia got married on April 14 after dating each other for many years. The wedding of both was done in an intimate way, but the pictures of the couple’s wedding had created panic on social media.

Ranbir and Alia are expecting their first baby. Alia is going to give birth to her first baby soon. The actress is enjoying her pregnancy days openly. Now everyone is waiting for Alia and Ranbir’s baby.


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