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Raju Srivastav regained consciousness or not? Daughter Antara gave a big update on health

There was news on the condition of comedian Raju Srivastava that his condition has improved. He has talked to his wife. Comedian’s friend Sunil Pal also released the video and updated that he has come to his senses. But you will be disappointed to know that nothing like this has happened. This concrete information has been given by Raju’s daughter Antara Srivastava. Antara has posted a note on Raju’s Insta handle. In which he has requested to refrain from sharing any wrong information.

Raju on ventilator
Raju Srivastava’s daughter Antara has shared a note on her father’s Instagram account. Where he has given complete information about Raju’s health. Antara wrote this post on August 25 at 3 pm. Which he has also mentioned in the note.

Antara wrote- ‘Dear all well wishers, my father Raju Srivastava ji’s condition is stable and he is recovering slowly. He is currently on ventilator. Only the statements of AIIMS Delhi and Raju ji’s official social media accounts are reliable and genuine. Any other news or statement from anyone else is unreliable.’

Antara further wrote, ‘The doctors and their entire team in AIIMS Delhi are working hard and diligently. We are grateful to him and all his well wishers. Request you all to continue your love and prayers for him. Good luck, Antara Srivastava, daughter of Raju Srivastava.’ Antara has categorically refused to rely on the information of any other source.

brother gave an update

Earlier, seeing the wrong information spreading in the media, Raju Srivastava’s brother Deepu Srivastava had given an update that there is no such thing. The condition so far is that Raju ji is stable. He is on ventilator. Until the doctors clarify something. We can’t say anything. Doctors are engaged in his care. Giving your 100 percent. Raju ji is slowly recovering. Who has talked about Raju Srivastava coming to his senses, we will not go on that now.

Deepu Srivastava has also refused to believe what he has heard from the fans and has requested to pay attention to the official page of Raju Srivastava for the correct updates. It has been decided by the family.

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