Friday, December 9, 2022

Rajeev Sen-Charu Asopa’s patch up? Between the news of divorce, there are frequent talks between the two.

TV actress Charu Asopa has come in headlines for the news of her divorce with husband Rajeev Sen. For the last few months, both have been talking about their divorce on public platforms. Users are also taking a pinch of them. After listening to the way Charu Asopa has made serious allegations against Rajeev Sen, it seems that things are very bad between the two. However, both are raising daughter Gianna together. Rajeev Sen has his own YouTube channel, on which he is seen interacting with his fans.

Rajeev shared youtube video
Recently, Rajeev Sen shared a new vlog on his YouTube channel, in which he was seen saying that even today he is in contact with Charu Asopa. He constantly keeps taking updates from her for daughter Gianna. He wants Charu to follow her own path and do what she wants to do in life. Rajeev Sen said in the video. “I am in touch with Charu. I am trying to talk to him as best as I can. I keep messaging him on WhatsApp. Trying to make him feel good that yes, I am with him physically. I may not be there, but I am there for her whenever she needs me. I am making sure Gianna is fine. Charu should do whatever she wants to do. Make her own way. Be happy.”

Apart from this, Rajeev Sen also said through his channel that all the fans who are following Charu on YouTube and Instagram should keep supporting him. If she wants sympathy, give it to her in abundance. Let her feel that she is winning. Make him feel that he is very happy. Make them feel that the world is made for them.

Charu had accused Rajeev
Let us tell you that Charu Asopa has made her own abode after leaving Rajeev Sen’s house. Although, he is small in appearance, but very big for daughter Gianna and him. Earlier in an interview, Charu Asopa said that Rajeev Sen is trying to malign her image. He is accusing her of having an affair. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Charu had said that Rajeev tried to cheat her when she was pregnant. Raised his hand on him.

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