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Raj Kundra passed 1 year after coming out of jail, wrote – If you don’t know the full story, keep quiet

A year ago, on this day, businessman Raj Kundra was arrested in a pornography case. This time has been very heavy for Shilpa Shetty’s family. But both Shilpa and Raj together faced the situation firmly. Raj Kundra never said anything openly after coming out of jail. At the same time, on the completion of one year of the case, he has shown the courage to say something for the first time through a social media post.

Raj Kundra breaks silence
21 September 2021 This was the time when Raj Kundra’s name came up in the pornography case. Raj Kundra had to spend several weeks in jail in the case. But when he came out of jail, he decided not to say anything. Recalling that bad time exactly a year later, Raj Kundra has written a reaction on Twitter. Shut up if you don’t know the full story. In this post, Raj Kundra has thanked those who love him. At the same time, some words have also been shared for the trollers.

Wearing a hoodie style T-shirt and glasses, Raj Kundra while sharing a photo of himself wrote, Today completes one year of #ArthurRoad release. It’s a matter of time. The truth will soon come to the fore. Thanks to all the well wishers. Thanks to the trollers too, you have made me strong. In this post, he has posted an emoji with folded hands. Apart from this, hashtags like #enquiry #word #mediatrial #trollers have also been used.

told himself innocent
During an interview, Raj Kundra, while talking about the charges against himself, said that he is not involved in any way in the production or distribution of pornography. Raj says that he is being forcibly involved in this case. However, he has full faith in the judicial system of the country. Raj Kundra is confident that the law will do justice to him in this case and the truth will soon come to the fore.

Raj Kundra is often spotted wearing a mask after coming out of jail. What is the real reason for doing this? Only they can tell.

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