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Rafta Rafta Review: Bhuvan Bam’s swag is missing, the story of ‘Rafta Rafta’ disappoints

After the latest news, YouTuber Bhuvan Bam has once again returned to OTT. And this time he has not come up with any comic or thriller but a romantic series. Whose name is Rafta-Rafta. Rafta Rafta is a small series like its story in which a newly married couple is not happy even after marriage. They do not live like a husband and wife but like roommates, who always share all their expenses. So what is worth watching, fast or not, let us know.

Changed style of Bhuvan Bam
Rafta Rafta is a small series in which Bhuvan Bam and Srishti Rindani are playing the role of husband and wife. Both have “Kind Of” love marriage. But there is no sign of love in this love marriage. You must be thinking that Bhuvan Bam will once again be seen here with his same style, full swag and his witty language, but let us tell you that nothing like this is going to happen here.

Although talking about the story, the story of Rafta-Rafta is very simple and short. If you think that you will get to see a new angle in this, then know that Rafta-Rafta is also one of those love stories, in which the couple does not enjoy together at first. But in the end they both start loving each other. By the way, there is also a twist here, which makes the story interesting to some extent. Bhuvan i.e. Karan and Srishti Rindani aka Nithya are dating each other before marriage. But what happens after all that they both become strangers after marriage.

the story is weak

The medium of laughter in the entire series is the petty squabbles between the two. Although both are also seen standing with each other many times. In this series of 6 episodes, 6 different forms of Bhuvan are seen, but he does not live up to the role of a husband. Somewhere Bhuvan keeps taking care of the children. So somewhere they are saved from going to jail because of their driving. The pre-marriage Bhuvan is also seen in the series, who is seen checking out the new girl Nithya in the office.

Talking about Bhuvan Bam, this is his third series. Before this, he has appeared in Taapsee Khabar and Dhindhora. He has also said in an interview that he will soon make an entry on the big screen as well. But they are not ready for this yet, they have to work harder to come on the big screen.


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