Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Querétaro is penalized for not being able to play a game with América

The Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) reported on July 10 that the Club Queretaro was sanctioned, because the duel of the jo could not be carried outRound 2 of the Opening 2023 before him Americain it La Corregidora Stadium.

“It was determined penalize financially to the club White Roosters of Querétarosince he transgressed the Regulation of Sanctions of the Mexican Soccer Federation, in particular article 51 paragraph b), as well as the Competition Regulation of the MX League in its article 88″, the communiqué that it disseminated in the organization is read.

It was also pointed out that in case of incurring in a similar situation again, more severe sanctions will be imposed.

Initially, it was pointed out that the poor condition of the pitch The corrector It was due to the fact that a Carín León concert was held, but apparently all the responsibility lay with the club.

Given the tight schedule for Mexican clubs, the America offered to play the match at the Aztec stadiumwhich he refused Queretaroas revealed by sports president of the Águilas Santiago Baños to Claro Sports.

The manager also commented that he will take to the League table the proposal that when a similar event occurs, it is played at the home of the other team and the club is not fined, so as not to alter the calendar.

The duel between Queretaro and America it will be retrograde, but the date has not yet been defined, because this weekend will be held day 3 of the Opening 2023 and immediately start the participation of all teams in the League Cupwhich will last a month.


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