Friday, December 2, 2022

Quality, price and diversification: essential for the permanence of a product in the market

Agriculture is an important source of income in the Caribbean region, which provides food for 44.4 million inhabitants. This activity is essential for the socioeconomic development of the Dominican Republic, only between January-July 2022 the export of agricultural products contributed US$1,736.6 million to the State.

“Cosmos 2000” was one of those exporting companies under the Dominican seal. Its owner, Polina Araujo, found her market niche in the export of fruits and vegetables to the Caribbean islands such as Saint Martin, the British Isles, Martinique, Antigua and Barbuda. In addition to also exporting to Canada and Russia.

He stated that “we work solely and exclusively in favor of the country when we are willing to produce with quality and compete with other nations, and for this we must love what we do and be the first champions of our products.”

Quality is the main characteristic that a product destined for export must have, because the exporter is the ambassador of Creole products. “We have to be aware that when we are exporting a product it must be with a quality presentation, because it ensures permanence in the market,” he highlighted.


In addition to quality, future entrepreneurs must develop viable businesses, that is, profitable ones that satisfy the needs of a specific public. Given this, the corporate manager of Grupo SID, Mariel López, indicates that the entrepreneur must know the rules and regulations demanded by the international market, “so that the doors are not closed when the container arrives at the destination country.”

“It is important to be clear about the labeling, health registration and regulatory standards to enter a country and be able to establish itself as a brand,” said the executive.

Meanwhile, incorporating better technologies and innovation means raising quality and eliminating market distortions that impede the growth of companies.

During the panel “Incorporating women in international trade”, organized by Adoexpo, with the support of the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidon) and elDinero Mujer, the tax advisor, Rosa Pascual, considered that in order to advance and penetrate international trade language limitations must be addressed.

Social networks have become the window of opportunity. However, it is necessary for brands to face more digitized scenarios and customers, since they create a community of global consumers through simple language. “Managing and having soft communication skills and above all, managing in another language is essential to reach a broader audience,” said Pascual.

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