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Qala Review: Art full of music and suspense, Babil Khan-Tripti Dimri did wonders

OTT channels have now become a new option for those who are unable to watch movies in theatres. Makers have also started releasing their films on OTT apart from cinema. One such film has come on Netflix today, whose name is Qala.

The art has been created by director Anvita Dutt. Anvita has made this film as a painter and musician. Kala’s main character is influenced by stars like Lata Mangeshkar, KL Sehgal, Noor Jehan. It depicts the gramophone music of the 40s and the politics of the film industry with the instruments of Kashmir and sets in Mumbai. Man can run away from everyone but not from himself and how he punishes himself for his sin is the essence of this film. This film tells the same thing through music, characters and movies.

Know some special things shown in the film Kala released on Netflix this week –

acting and artist

Tripti Dimri has given another great performance after Bulbul. The story of the film revolves around the character of Tripti from beginning to end. Babil Khan, son of late actor Irrfan Khan, made his acting debut with this film. Babil’s role in the film is very small but important. He has left a mark with his acting. Another important role in the film is that of Bengali film actress Swatika Mukherjee. Famous writer and comedian Varun Grover has also played a strong character.


The film is of India after independence. It depicts the world of music of that era, when the industry used to be in Calcutta. The story is about Kala Ka, a successful singer from 40s films, who is struggling with her past. There is a dark truth behind Kala’s success, which hovers like a dark shadow over her singing skills. The story also moves to Kala’s childhood in Himachal, where her mother Urmila is her music teacher. But Urmila does not see Kala as a singer. From childhood, Kala tries to get her mother’s musical art, but mother does not believe in her art.

In such a situation, Jagan comes to their house, who is an orphan but is proficient in the art of singing. Urmila tries to make Jagan a singer and Kala gets frustrated again. Urmila takes Jagan to meet a famous musician from Calcutta. But there Jagan’s health suddenly worsens and then slowly the story takes a terrible twist. What a twist, where does Kala’s story end? What happened to Jagan? All these things are to be seen in the film.

movie highlights

The litigants of Kashmir have been shown in the film. Snow gives a different color to the film. The cinematography of the film is very beautiful. Music is the character of the story of film art and all kinds of songs take it forward. The look and style of all the actors are very comfortable and suited to the 40s.

It is wonderful to see Calcutta’s Howrah Bridge being built in the background and all the golden moments of music recording in the film. The film’s heroine Kala is called Sab Didi who seems to be inspired by Lata Mangeshkar. Babil’s character seems to be inspired by KL Sehgal. Its speed is slow, due to which you sometimes become cumbersome. But it keeps you hooked to its story and acting of the characters. Tripti and Babil’s love got buried somewhere in the main story of the film, but the acting of both the actors with their own eyes makes a place in your heart.

Why watch the film?

Overall Kala is an attempt to say something different from a typical Bollywood masala film. Art films and masala films have always been liked together in Indian cinema. The only difference is that nowadays a window has been found to watch such films on OTT, which was available to film festivals and critics for some time. Those who like serious cinema based on art and music will definitely like this film.

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