Friday, September 22, 2023

Pumas and Toluca give away a vibrant tie in the University Olympic

cougars He got his second win of the tournament after beating 2-1 to Toluca in duel corresponding to the day 4 of the Opening 2023which was disputed in the University Olympic Stadium.

As expected, the felines took the initiative of the game and quickly generated danger in the arc of Tiago Volpi; however, were the Devils who surprisingly went to the front on the scoreboard.

Was John Paul Dominguezwho took advantage of a filtered pass from Marcel Ruiz to put up the scarlet just at minute 15.

Despite the goal against, those led by Anthony Mohammed They did not lower their arms and continued to dominate the game, so at 23 ‘ Cesar Huerta matched the game with a three-fingered low shot that went between the legs of Volpi.

For the complementary part, both teams looked for the winning goal, but it was the university students who came with the greatest danger; however Gabriel Bull Fernandez and Edward Salvio They missed key plays in front of the goal that ended up being decisive in the locals’ fight to win the match, which ended tied at one goal.

The intensity of the match caused the players to start a fight in the final minutes after a foul on Cesar Huertawhich ended in the expulsion of the scarlet player Jesus Pinuelas.

On the next day, cougars will visit the border to measure himself against the Bravos from Juarezwhile Toluca will receive striped from Monterrey.


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