Thursday, March 30, 2023

Public-private alliance will activate issue of vehicular magazines

After almost 10 years without being applied, the National Vehicle Technical Inspection Program (ITV), known as the “Vehicle Magazine”, will be activated under a public-private alliance, which will be accompanied by a scrapping process to remove all those that do not comply from circulation. with the transit requirements.

According to the executive director of the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant), Hugo Beras, the initiative seeks to reduce traffic accidents, the loss of human life and economic resources for the State. Likewise, he justified that it be through this alliance, since, in his opinion, the country does not have sufficient expertise in this type of process.

“This is a complex and delicate megaproject in which a lot of experience is needed. At a global level, it is a partial third party (companies) that implements this initiative and issues a correct and reliable opinion on the condition of the vehicles every year”, he expressed.

Beras explained that as of 2027, all vehicles over 20 years old or that do not have the mechanical conditions to transit, will leave the market and the system to later be auctioned as scrap metal, as stipulated by Law 63-17. “This could be through bonuses given to owners,” he said.

The general director of Public-Private Alliances (Dgapp), Sigmund Freund, indicated that between 45 and 60 days the program could come into operation, after the tenders were analyzed, agreed upon and approved by the council of that entity.

Freund said that a public-private alliance will strengthen the project, since it entails an in-depth study of the problems and practical solutions of the Dominican vehicle fleet. “This is work that we have been doing for months, looking at the feasibility and how society receives it, I think it is the best way,” he said.

Accidents and deaths

According to data from Intrant, traffic accidents have an economic cost to the Dominican State corresponding to 2.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Likewise, the number of people killed by accidents is around 3,000 each year.

Between 2012 and March 2021, of the 2,432,048 accidents registered in that period, 750,459 were caused by tires in poor condition and 1,077,379 by mechanical damage to the vehicle, according to the Military and Police Commission (Comipol), attached to the Ministry of Public Works and communications. During 2022, this specialized body reported 1.6 million road assistance, of which 64% were related to mechanical and tire failures.

“In situ” deaths in traffic events are those in which people lose their lives instantly or at the scene of the event. In this sense, around 1,878 were registered in the country in 2021. Meanwhile, between January and June 2022, these deaths reported 888 nationwide.

The province of Santo Domingo leads the demarcation with the highest number of this type of death with 106, during January and June 2022. Followed by La Altagracia with 67 deaths and Santiago follows with 65 deaths. Meanwhile, La Vega, San Cristóbal and the National District reported around 64.59 and 43, respectively.

Monsignor Nouel (38), San Pedro de Macorís (37), Azua (35) and Duarte (32) complete the “top 10” which reflects the highest weighting for “in situ” road deaths in the country. Together, they register 61% of all cases nationwide during the indicated period.


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