Sunday, December 10, 2023

PS5 Slim: all the differences compared to the original model

After months of rumors, Sony finally announced the first major redesign of the PlayStation 5. The announcement came quite surprisingly through a simple statement on the official PlayStation blog. If you are interested in purchasing it, it is important that you know all the differences with the version that is still on the market. We then compare the new PS5 Slim with the predecessor model.

It is relevant to mention that, unlike previous generations, Sony has not named the redesign PS5 Slim. This is quite curious because, according to the data provided by the company, the volume has been significantly reduced. Anyway, in this post we will name it that way to distinguish it from the traditional model.

Let’s start with the first big difference: the PS5 Slim arrives with a new design that makes it lighter and more compact. Compared to the traditional PlayStation 5, the PS5 Slim reduced the total volume by 30%. The disc edition measures 358 × 96 × 216 mm (the previous model 390 × 104 × 260 mm), while the digital 358 × 80 × 216 mm (the previous model 390 × 92 × 260 mm).

The weight, for its part, decreased by 18 and 24% in the disc version and in the digital version, respectively. The new PS5 with disc weighs approximately 3.2 kg (700 grams less compared to the 2022 revision), and the digital one 2.6 kg (800 grams less).

Be careful, the above does not mean that some components were sacrificed inside to achieve a more compact size. Its performance, therefore, remains exactly the same. However, once it hits the market during November, it will be interesting to inspect its innards for other changes.

On the outside you can see 4 independent panels separated by a cut – unlike the traditional variant in which there were only two panels. This curious design decision has a reason. The lower right panel can be removed to, in the case of the digital model, integrate an Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive.

PS5 Slim

This idea is quite interesting and unprecedented on a Sony console. If at first you decide to buy the digital version, but later you want to enjoy games in physical format, you will now have the option to purchase disc drive separately. Will cost $79.99 dollars or 119.99 euros.

Will there be interchangeable panels like the traditional PS5? Yes of course. They will be available for $55 dollars/euros sometime in 2024 in matte black, volcanic red, cobalt blue, and silver.

Another key point is that Sony designed the PS5 Slim to be used, right out of its packaging, in a horizontal position. In fact, this time They do not include a support to place it vertically. But if you prefer to have that huge tower next to your television, it will be possible to purchase a vertical stand separately. Its price: 30 dollars / euros.

PS5 Slim

Finally, you should know that the PS5 Slim finally has 1 TB of storage. The original model had 825 GB. Ok, it’s not much of a difference, but any extra is appreciated in a time when games weigh enormous amounts – just ask Warzone—.


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