Sunday, December 3, 2023

PromeseCal reports that it has purchased more than RD$25,777,909,456 in medicines and supplies

The general director of the Essential Medicines Program and Central Logistics Support (PromiseCal), Adolfo Pérez reported that some RD$25,777,909,456.20 in medicines and supplies have been purchased during his administration through the pharmaceutical industry nationalthrough transparent processes attached to Law 340-06 of Public Procurement and Contracting .

He also highlighted the quality standards of the medicines that, according to the studies carried out by the PromeseCal Quality Surveillance and Control Department, of the 100% analyzed, 99.8% have agreed, thus guaranteeing that they comply with the requirements of the General Directorate of Medicines, Food and Health Products (Digemaps) of Mispas.

He emphasized the support that the pharmaceutical industry offered during the pandemic, and the efforts made so that the Government could maintain the supply of medicines to the population, despite the increase in freight, the shortage of containers, and all the negative effects that the international supply chain suffered.

The official took the opportunity to recount the progress made in terms of medicines they have achieved from PromeseCal, among which he highlighted the expansion of the Farmacias del Pueblo network with 76 inaugurations so far in his management, impacting more than one million inhabitants, with the new establishments.

“The Government headed by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, has prioritized health since he took office. A single example of this is that for this 2023, the item that PromeseCal allocates for the purchase of more medicines and medical supplies for hospital care in the public sector increased by 100%, ”explained Pérez.

“The budget went from RD$1,568 million in 2022 to RD$3,176 million in 2023, contributing to improving the quality of medical care and the supply of the centers of the National Public Health System,” he emphasized.

The official spoke during a lunch organized by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and PromeseCal and led by President Luis Abinader. Representatives of the national pharmaceutical industry also attended, with the aim of socializing the achievements and ongoing plans for the sector.

For his part, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, referred to the description of the comprehensive vision that President Abinader has developed in his mandate, integrating the entire health sector, thus positively impacting the pharmaceutical sector.

“The Dominican Republic has become a prioritized territory for pharmaceutical companies due to economic growth and the facilities that this government has provided, such as decree number 58-23 that aims to empower the MSP Digemaps to approve the drugs tested by the FDA. and EMA”, expressed Rivera.

He reported on the future plans of the Health sector, which will directly impact the creation of new jobs, the requirement of supplies and medicines, among others.

He also highlighted the implementation of the Zero Bureaucracy and Zero Trip, that allows businessmen to carry out their procedures from the province where they are, for the moment it started in Santiago and will continue to expand nationwide.

“Mental Health is also a priority for this government,” said Minister Rivera, together with the efforts of the first lady, Raquel Arbaje, more than 2,000 people have been reached with the Contact Center: Take care of your Mental Healthinaugurated in March 2023.

He said that from 2020 to date, more than RD$7,000,000,000.00 have been invested for the construction, renovation, equipment and purchase of medical supplies to provide the Public Network of Hospitals. Including 128-slice tomographs in provinces where this type of technology was not available.

The activity was attended by members of the Dominican Association of Medicines and Related Suppliers (Adosume), headed by its president Osvaldo Holguín; The Association of Dominican Pharmaceutical Industries (Infadomi), directed by its president Ludwig García; and the Association of Representative Agents and Pharmaceutical Producers (Arapf), headed by its president Juan José Alorda.


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