Thursday, September 21, 2023

Producer of ‘Taarak Mehta…’ claims- ‘Shailesh Lodha did not win the case’, told- what happened in the court?

Earlier this year, news came that Shailesh Lodha has filed a case against Asit Modi, the producer of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. In which he has said that he has not been given the money for his hard work. Several months’ salary has been withheld by the makers. Recently an update came on this that Shailesh has won this case against Asit. Asit will give Rs 1 crore to Shailesh. In conversation with Bombay Times, Shailesh expressed his happiness and said that he has won a long battle. He is very happy.

Asit Modi kept his side
At that time Asit Modi remained silent. He did not give any interview. Neither kept his side. But now because time has passed things. In such a situation, Asit kept his side in conversation with Times of India. Asit said- What Shailesh said that he has won the case, he has said it wrong. According to the court order, both of us have reconciled with mutual consent. Not that he won any case. Whatever Shailesh said, whatever allegations he made, why he made them, we all are thinking a lot about this. After all, what had happened that he had to go to this extent. It was not even such a big deal. But whatever happened, we just hope that things calm down and people stop twisting facts.

Asit further said- Whenever an artist makes a mood to leave the show, then he has to sign some documents, in which it is written that he is leaving the show and not a part of the show. This is a standard process that all artists have to follow. Shailesh refused to sign these documents. We did not stop any of his payments. Asked him to sign the documents. In fact, he even asked that if he has any problem with the documents, then let him know, we will sit and talk about it.

We also wanted to have a meeting to discuss this whole incident. But instead of not sitting and talking, Shailesh approached the NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal). They were told that they were not getting their rightful money. Salary has been withheld and thus a case was filed against us.

Asit said- Shailesh worked with us for 14 years and he is like family to us. Apart from work, we supported him a lot in other things. On the professional front, we have always given Shailesh his salary on time. As long as he was with us, he did not complain about anything. But when he left the show, it was quite shocking for all of us. Gone suddenly. I am very angry with his behaviour. We had no idea that we should stop his salary, because every company has a rule. When a person leaves, he has to complete some formalities which Shailesh did not do.


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