Friday, December 8, 2023

Pro Consumidor and San Cristóbal Chamber of Commerce sign an agreement to promote good business practices

With the aim of promoting compliance with rules and regulations in the commercial sector, as well as promoting good commercial practices between suppliers and consumers, the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) and the Chamber of Commerce and Production of San Cristóbal signed a collaboration agreement.

The agreement signed by the head of Pro Consumidor, Eddy Alcántara, and the president of the San Cristóbal Chamber of Commerce, Víctor Ramón Montás Pimentel, establishes that both parties undertake to guarantee the consumer that the products offered in establishments in that province are reliable and quality.

Likewise, both Pro Consumidor and the Chamber of Commerce will promote initiatives on issues related to trade, they will make efforts to strengthen economic and social activities with the purpose of providing sustainable development in that province.

They also undertake to design and execute training programs with the interest that people know their rights and duties as consumers and suppliers through workshops, seminars, talks and educational sessions.

The agreement also establishes “form criteria on commercial responsibilities in accordance with consumer law for the resolution of conflicts before Pro Consumer.”

It also requires coordinating the joint participation of public awareness campaigns on responsible consumption, when topics about the importance of trade in that province are included.

Likewise, it contemplates making efforts to facilitate the exchange of documentation and/or information regarding commercial registries at the request of Pro Consumidor.

Likewise, it indicates the participation of the entity that guarantees rights in the various activities carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Production of San Cristóbal.

Finally, it establishes the collaboration by the Chamber of Commerce and Production of San Cristóbal for the dissemination in digital and printed media of national and international alerts of products that represent risks to the consumer.

Present at the signing of the agreement were the past president of the commercial entity, Junior Dionisio; lawyer Benny Metz, Daniel De Jesús, Franklin Reyes, Luis Espinal, Daniel Guillén, Rubén Carela, Pablo Román, Yessica Rodríguez, Diomaris Franco and Griselda Sanquintín.


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