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Private Spotify session: listen to your most personal songs

Spotify has become very social. And today it is common share your activity on this platform with your friends or trusted contacts. Thus, in addition to the recommendations of Spotify itself, you can know what songs do you listen to your colleagues through this function available in the app itself. But it is not necessary to always share everything. And that’s where the Spotify private session.

The private session or private play It is designed for those who share their views with their friends. You see what they hear and vice versa. But with the private session breaks this social function. So the songs you play during that pause will only be known to you and those around you. They will not appear in Spotify sharing.

Drawing a parallel, the private Spotify session would be the equivalent to private tab or incognito mode of web browsers. A quick and convenient way to listen to guilty pleasures without the contacts with whom you share your Spotify plays having to know.

Activate Spotify private session

You can start this social break on your mobile phone and tablet as well as on your computer. That is, this option is available in all versions of spotify. And you can activate and deactivate it as many times as you want. It will depend on the songs you want to listen to privately. Yes indeed. Please note that, by default, the private session It turns off after 6 hours or when you reboot the Spotify app.

To activate the private Spotify session from iOS and Android:

  1. Enter Spotify
  2. Click on the icon Start
  3. Tap on your profile image
  4. Select the option Settings and privacy. The gear-shaped icon
  5. In section Social networksclick on the button next to Private session
  6. Press again to manually deactivate it. If not, it will do it by itself in 6 hours

From your PC or Macto activate the private Spotify session:

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Click on your profile image
  3. Click Private session
  4. A lock icon will appear on your profile image
  5. As in the mobile version, will deactivate after 6 hours or upon reboot the app
  6. You can also disable Private Session yourself

Another way to prevent your friends from seeing what music you listen to is by deactivating this option permanently. To do this, you will have to deactivate the function Share what I listen to on Spotify. On PC and Mac, you will find it at Setting and then entering Social. On iOS and Android, you will have to go to Settings and privacythen Privacy and social either Social simply, and finally, press the button next to What is heard.

Follow friends to see their music on Spotify

As I said before, the private Spotify session is designed for those who follow their friends on Spotify. But if you did not know this function, we will explain it to you below. As its name suggests, Spotify is a social network as well as a music platform. This way, you will see which songs, lists or albums your contacts are listening to. For this you will have to connect your Spotify account with Facebook.

If you want to connect your Spotify account with Facebook:

  1. From the Spotify desktop app
  2. Click on your profile image
  3. Choose Setting
  4. Go to Social
  5. Click Connect with Facebook
  6. Enter your Facebook user information
  7. Finally, click on Log in
Spotify Private Session

For follow someone on spotify from iOS or Android:


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