Sunday, December 3, 2023

President of the Armenian National Assembly: Peace is not possible without Türkiye

President of the ARMENIAN National Assembly Alen Simonyan said, “The Republic of Armenia does not have a territorial claim against Azerbaijan. We are determined and willing to reach a peace agreement. It is not possible to establish peace in this region without Turkey.”

President of the National Assembly of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, answered the questions of the press after the Opening Ceremony of the 61st Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). Expressing his condolences for the earthquakes in Turkey, Simonyan said, “I want to convey my condolences to all Turkish people for the devastating earthquake. We know very well what the earthquake was. We immediately sent 2 groups. They crossed the border and brought aid to Turkey. “You know very well that we have passed through and tensions have increased all over the world. My coming here demonstrates the goodwill of the Republic of Armenia with its neighbors. We should not miss this historic opportunity,” he said.

‘ARMENIA IS READY TO NORMALIZATION OF RELATIONS’ Simonyan, regarding the reactions to the ‘Nemesis Monument’ opened in Armenia, said, “The placement of the monument had a great impact in Turkey. I discussed this issue with my Turkish colleague. The placement of the statue was decided at the local government level. This It should not be perceived as an expression of the foreign policy of the Armenian state or as a step with no good will. Foreign policy in the Republic of Armenia is managed by the prime minister and the ministry of foreign affairs. You all know the explanations made at the level I mentioned. We can find a reason. Maybe I could have found thousands of reasons for Turkey not to come. But I am here and I want to express to the Turkish public that Armenia is ready for peace. I would like to express that Armenia is ready for the normalization of relations without any preconditions. I saw some sentences from the statement of the foreign ministry. I would like to say that Armenia is ready for steps to normalize relations and is completely sincere in this request. If we have a political will, if we have a decision to improve and establish relations, this path will not be easy. But we must move forward. I hope our Turkish colleagues will also take a step forward. We seize this historic opportunity. We will open a new page both for us and for the whole region.”

Regarding Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, Simonyan said, “The Republic of Armenia does not have any territorial claims against Azerbaijan. We are determined and willing to make a peace agreement. We do not see any problem in opening the region in the commercial field. We have made this offer many times, the soldiers on the border equally. “Let us withdraw. Peace in this region is not possible without Turkey. We are hopeful that Turkey will take steps to establish peace in this region,” he said.


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