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President Abinader and Minister of Women impose a Medal of Merit on 14 Dominicans for their outstanding career

Fourteen Dominicans were recognized with the Medal of Merit for Dominican Women 2023, for their outstanding career at the national and international level, this March 8, International Women’s Day at the hands of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader and the Minister of the Woman, Mayra Jimenez.

In her welcoming remarks, the Minister for Women pointed out that March 8 is an auspicious day to remember that the civil, economic and political rights “that we enjoy today” are the result of the struggle and sacrifice of millions of women around the world, “some of them even going so far as to offer their lives in favor of a better humanity. Incredible and extraordinary women like the ones we will honor today, whose contributions symbolize progress in the different areas of national endeavor and call us to continue transforming power, institutions and politics in favor of equality and equity”.

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, took advantage of the event and the date to reaffirm that women are the fundamental pillar of society, the main objective of his government’s public policies; and that it is vitally important to intensify the fight against discrimination and any latent injustice in their lives.

“This day I ratify my commitment to a Law that promotes adequate sanctions, good levels of prevention, attention to victims and fair reparation,” said the president, while stating that “women deserve no less than being the owners of their decisions and their own development.

In the ceremony held in the Independence Hall of the Ministry of Defense, they received the medal: in the Education category, Emma Polanco Melo, the first woman to be elected rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and a consecrated teacher for more than 30 years . In the Sports category, Ana Villanueva, the first karate athlete to obtain a medal in a world championship, Central American, Pan-American, Ibero-American champion, premier league champion and world medalist; while, in the Business category, she received the María Fernández medal, a lawyer of recognized professional solvency, committed to the most important social causes defended by the Dominican population.

In the Rural Woman category, Juana Ferrer, feminist activist, environmentalist, nominated in 2005 for the Novel Peace Prize, through the “Thousand Women for Peace” initiative and known for her fight for the recognition of rights, was awarded. of the women of the countryside. In the health category, Mirna López was recognized, who has been coordinator of the Nutrition diploma courses at the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA) and adviser of seven research papers, three of which have been published in medical journals. While in the Cultural-Artistic category, Adalgisa Pantaleón was awarded, for her countless contributions to culture and art, her outstanding participation in the “First National Festival of the Voice” and for being the bearer of a voice that has transcended the country, for half a century.

In the Inclusion category, Inés Rosario, creator of the Program for People with Disabilities within the Taller de Santo Domingo school, was recognized, standing out in accompanying families of people in equal opportunity programs and companies, for the inclusion of people with disabilities. disability in decent employment.

In the Outstanding Women in the Diaspora category, Amelia Santos, one of the founders of the Gender Center of the World Trade Organization and the World Trade and Gender Congress held in Geneva, received the medal. While in the Military-Police category, Ana Jiménez was recognized, the first female officer to occupy the Directorate of Strategic Communications of the National Police and graduated with the greatest merit from the first mixed promotion.

Mu-kien Sang Ben was also recognized, in the Professional category, writer with thirty published books, columnist in the most important Dominican media, university professor and multi-award-winning researcher. As well as Indira Ramos, in the Entrepreneurship category who, after a spectacular accident, started her Hair Plus business with which she has employed more than 3,200 people and of which 10% of the profits go to social works.

In the same way, Ingrid Bretón, activist in favor of the rights and respect for the dignity of people living with HIV, which has led her to belong to numerous programs sponsored by national and international agencies, recognized in the Community category. In the category of Political Participation, Besaida Santana, current director of the National Institute for Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood (Inaipi), was awarded for her participation in the political sphere from a very young age, working directly with the grassroots, together with the political leader Jose Francisco Pena Gomez.

In the category of Religious, María Peralta was recognized, a deep religious who, for thirty years, has been visiting prisons without respite, and is the founder of the Najayo Prison Ministry, from which she promotes and facilitates the conditions for them to carry out spiritual retreats.

About the Medal of Merit for Dominican Women

The Medal of Merit for Women was created by Decree 3013-85 by the Executive Branch on May 29, 1985 and was awarded for the first time on March 8, 1986, with the aim of honoring outstanding Dominican or nationalized women. in different spheres of society, inside and outside the Dominican Republic. This year up to its 38 delivery.


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