Thursday, September 21, 2023

Pregnant men and much more: these are the more than 100 new emojis that have come to iPhone

Just a few days ago, specifically last Monday, March 14, Apple released iOS 15.4. A new version of your operating system was confirmed in the past keynote of the company, through which the Cupertino-based company announced long-awaited news such as Universal Control, through which we can interact with different Apple devices from a single mouse and keyboard. Also others such as the function to be able to unlock our mobile phone through Face ID even when wearing a mask covering our face And, among all these large-scale novelties, also other smaller ones such as the new emojis.

Last July, coinciding with world emoji day, Emojipedia shared with its followers and followers the preliminary list of emojis that would soon arrive on different mobile phones. Although it was not yet final, it allowed us to get an idea of ​​what we could see soon. From pregnant men or trolls to endless new faces to represent different situations. Several months later, and after making the final list of emojis that are part of version 14.0, Apple has included them in the latest update to its operating system.

Pregnant men and much more: these are the more than 100 new emojis that have come to iPhone

The new emojis coming to iOS

And what can we find in it? Most of which we saw last July. The most striking is, without a doubt, that of the pregnant man. However, there are many more. Specifically, 111, although most of them are indeed variants of the same emoji in different tones. Among the different emojis that arrive with iOS 15.4, we can find some like the face that melts either due to heat or for any other reason. Also others like the face that covers its mouth to not let a secret escape or the one that tries to cover its face and leaves a crack to continue seeing what is happening around it.

Among the rest of the faces included in this new update we can find the face that performs the military salute, the invisible face, another that shows its indifference to any situation, and one that is resisting the desire to cry. On the other hand, the company incorporates new gestures such as the one that allows us to represent an outstretched hand.

From the pregnant man to the troll

Also, one that leaves an object, another that picks it up, one that points directly towards a person, and two that refer to the heart: from the Korean heart that is made with the fingers to the heart symbol with the hands.

Among the rest of the candidates to join your mobile phone for September, we can find others such as the person who bites his lip or the one who wears a crown. Also the pregnant man, the troll, a coral, and the lotus flower. Beyond the previously mentioned we can find an empty nest, a nest with eggs, beans, a glass spilling water, a jug, and a disco ball.


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