Friday, September 22, 2023

Powered by artificial intelligence: Tinder will tell you which photo you have the best chance of matching

Tinderthe popular dating app, is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its functions to improve the user experience and increase the chances of making a match.

The company has announced that it is testing a new feature that will use artificial intelligence algorithms to select the five best photos of a user and thus improve their profilein accordance with hypertextual.

This feature will allow users upload several photos and then, through artificial intelligence analysis, the application will select the images that best represent the personality and attractiveness of the user. According to Bernard Kim, CEO of Match Group, the company behind Tinder, this new feature will help users create more authentic and effective profiles.

AI will help with biographies

In addition to optimizing profile photos, Tinder is also exploring the use of generative artificial intelligence to help users write their biographies.. The app could suggest personalized texts based on each user’s interests and relationship goals.

Tinder is one of the most common pages to get dates

The company is confident that this AI integration will be well received by its users. A recent study indicates that a significant part of users would be willing to use artificial intelligence to improve their profiles.

Tinder is also considering using artificial intelligence to improve conversations between users. The app has years of data on what works and what doesn’t in terms of profiles and successful conversations. This information could be harnessed together with artificial intelligence to provide suggestions and help start conversations more smoothly.

In addition to these features, Tinder has previously implemented artificial intelligence to improve security on the platform.requiring users to take a video selfie to verify their identity and prevent fake profiles.


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