Thursday, March 30, 2023

Popular launches “Emprende Mujer” with products, training and psychological services

Starting the month of women, the Banco Popular Dominicano presented its initiative “Emprende Mujer”, a support platform for female entrepreneurship that, in addition to integrating financial products, is complemented with training and psychological support services.

The initiative stems from the collaboration agreement with Enlaces- Angel Investors Network and the Board of Aid to Cases of Battered Women (Pacam).

Unlike other programs, “Emprende Mujer” seeks to support and accompany women in the gestation of projects and business ideas that promote their financial independence and their personal and professional development, while providing tools and psychological support to those who need to strengthen their emotional stability and gain financial freedom.

In this way, it will facilitate women’s access to banking products such as accounts, loans and insurance, to financially support their process as entrepreneurs. Also, they will be given training to know how to materialize business ideas, as well as teaching resources and tools to build their confidence in entrepreneurship.

In addition, if required, Banco Popular clients may request the assistance of Pacam’s professional psychologists, who will help them identify if they are victims of violence and will give them guidelines to face and overcome this situation.

Access to platform resources, training and psychological support are free. Similarly, Popular will offer discounts to facilitate women’s entrepreneurship, thanks to business alliances.

Agreements with Enlaces and Pacam

The launching ceremony was held at the Torre Popular, in the presence of representatives of the media, executives from the bank and those related to Enlaces and Pacam.

This platform demonstrates the efforts of the financial organization to increase the level of financial inclusion in the population, specifically among women, with a portfolio of products and services with a clear social impact.

To this end, the Executive Vice President of Personal Businesses and Branches of Popular, Francisco Ramírez, highlighted the importance of the figure of women in the development of the bank itself, where the female presence is the majority with 60% of its workforce. , being 54% for managerial and directive positions.

“We want women to transform their lives and be able to undertake with the confidence that we support them throughout the process. This comprehensive initiative to support the development of women responds to our sustainable vision and our commitment as a signatory to the Banking Principles
Responsible for the United Nations”, assured the executive.

For his part, the executive director of Enlaces, Pablo Ignacio García, highlighted that there are more and more women entrepreneurs and that through this collaboration with the “Emprende Mujer” platform, “entrepreneurs will be able to access training programs taught by experts in business for free, which will allow them to make better decisions when starting their entrepreneurial project”.

Meanwhile, the president of Pacam, Soraya Lara, thanked the initiative to create a portfolio thought and designed for Dominican women in situations of vulnerability. “This inter-institutional agreement positions and reaffirms women as a person with the capacity to overcome adversity, have self-confidence and recognize that they have the institutions that signed the agreement to undertake dream projects, which guarantee their economic and financial empowerment, to guarantee their personal autonomy,” he said.


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