Thursday, June 8, 2023

PLD economist says he is “moderate optimistic” with the country’s recovery

The economist and Peledeista leader, Guarocuya Félix, affirmed that he is optimistic regarding the recovery economy of the Dominican Republic after the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, but warned that the recovery will be slow.

“I am optimistic, but I would say that you have to have a moderate optimism due to the reality that we are experiencing in international markets and we all know that there are certain market segments that will continue to recover slow”, said the former director of Internal Revenue.

He cited that although the tourism industry has recovered a lot, “there are sectors such as the manufacturing industry that their recovery will take time to the extent that they have been losing consumption capacity.”

Interviewed in the program “Proposal of the night”, by RNN Channel 27, Félix added that an additional measure to the policies monetary and fiscal led by the Government would be a great national pact.

“The most important thing is that we were talking about a great pact of the political forces in the Dominican Republic for stability, for recovery, a return to growth and the sustainability of social policies”, considered the former official.

The leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) said that “in the end, fiscal policy or the instruments of tax policies they are nothing more than tools to finance the objectives of policies that should be universal services such as health or education, then this would require a great political pact in the Dominican Republic”.

He pointed out that the 2010 Constitution created spaces for dialogue and negotiation for situations like the one that is experienced today at a global level and that has repercussions in the Dominican Republic.


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