Thursday, June 1, 2023

PlayStation Direct finally arrives in Spain

One of the great differences of Spain with respect to other European countries, as far as video games are concerned, is that has never had access to the official PlayStation Direct store. Although the ease of buying a console or official Sony accessories is already more than settled, and it is quite easy to get a PS5, the truth is that it has always been easier to buy Sony products in its store if we look at other countries.

Now, and after a long wait compared to the United Kingdom, France or Germany, PlayStation Direct is already available in Spain and Portugal, including access to all official Sony accessories, including consoles, controls or devices. PlayStation Direct has some advantages over many retailers if you’re looking for official PlayStation devices.

And the most interesting thing, although it has just landed in Spain and the content is still limited to standard products (consoles, controls and accessories). In other regions, Sony offers special PlayStation products that are only available in its store, some of them quite exclusive and unique.

PS Direct arrives in Spain

Playstation Project Q

Be that as it may, with its launch in Spain you can buy a PS5 directly from Sony, be it digital or normal, the Pulse 3D headset, the PS5 charging dock and controllers, including some pretty cool designs. They also have PlayStation covers available, something that according to what retailers it is quite difficult to find, especially for the digital version of PS5.

Sony offers exclusive accessories on PlayStation Direct, free shipping from 39 euros and totally free returns for 30 days. In addition, for PlayStation Plus users it has associated advantages, such as the possibility of having free shipping with no minimum purchase.

In addition to PlayStation Direct is also available playstation geara store with merchandising exclusive to PlayStation, from the brand itself, from its franchises and special collections of themed accessories that are not available anywhere else.

Of course, keep in mind that all Direct prices are official, and there are rarely any discounts, so you will pay both consoles and accessories at the price set by the brand. Perhaps, depending on the device, you are also interested in taking a look at the store official PlayStation on AmazonFor example.

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