Monday, December 11, 2023

Planeta Azul launches the first bottle made with 100% recycled material on the market

Blue Planet launched the first bottle of water made with 100% recycled material, an innovative proposal by the company to promote the circular economy, through the elimination of waste and the reduction of the use of landfills and incinerators, with the aim of continuing to contribute to the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic.

This new rPET bottle is the result of the constant transformation process in which the company is immersed, which is based on the pillars of transparency, innovation and sustainability for the creation of value and increased productivity.

The general manager of Planeta Azul, Diego Freire, explained that this new bottle will revolutionize the industry, making processes more sustainable and friendly to the environment, as well as promoting a culture of recycling and the rational use of natural resources.

“This new 100% recycled bottle that we are putting on the market today, added to the change in color of the bottle for a transparent one that allows the process of recyclingthe reduction of grammage and the new production line that we recently inaugurated, are part of our goal of giving proper use and care to natural resources, allowing their regeneration”, Freire stated.

The event was attended by the mayoress of the National District, Carolina Mejía and the minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), Ito Bisonó, who gave a few words about the impact of this initiative and its importance to achieve a true balance between society and the environment.

According to Ito Bisonó, with this new bottle, Planeta Azul writes a new chapter of transformation and contribution, promoting sustainable development by reducing the extraction of non-renewable natural resources, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the environment, ecodesign, comprehensive waste management, extended responsibility as an industry.

“This new project will encourage proper waste management that will significantly reduce plastic bottles that end up in oceans, rivers, forests, landfills, and other environments. For the MICM, it is a great joy to have granted the license to use the Made in the DR seal to industries such as Planeta Azul, which locally produces and markets sustainable and innovative products that are committed to the circular economy,” highlighted Bisonó.

In this sense, Carolina Mejía applauded the Blue Planet initiative, as it is a sign that productive activity can be transformed and focused on making more efficient use of natural resources, allowing their preservation for future needs.

“Buying sustainable products is becoming a global trend. With this new bottle, the Dominican Republic is positioned within those countries that offer consumers this type of product that promotes environmental sustainability. In addition, this is a great opportunity to continue promoting the culture of recycling in the country,” added Mejía.

About rPET bottles and the circular economy

Bottles made from rPET (polyethylene terephthalate), a versatile and sustainable material produced from recycled PET plastic bottles, offer a greener alternative to virgin plastic.

To make recycling possible, bottles must be transparent and free of contamination, without labels or caps. Once this process is exhausted, the supplier carries out the process to receive the 100% recycled raw material. Of every 100 bottles that go through the process, 94 new 100% recycled bottles are produced.

Through the NUVI PET system, initiatives are carried out to recover containers so that they can be recycled, as well as communication and awareness campaigns in schoolsinstitutions and the population in general.


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