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Pixel 8 Pro: everything we know about the next Google flagship

He Google Pixel 8 Pro It is one of the most anticipated phones for the remaining months of 2023, a privilege it shares with Apple’s iPhone 15. Although the flagship of those from Mountain View would be officially announced in October, rumors and leaks are already circulating that anticipate its possible characteristics.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro will be introduced alongside the standard Pixel 8, which will be more modest. It must be remembered that the advanced model will succeed the Pixel 7 Pro, which the manufacturer launched last year. The team stood out for having “one of the best cameras on the market, at a brutal price”, as we pointed out in our review.

As the calendar approaches October, we wonder what will happen with the new Google Pixel 8 Pro. With what improvements does it intend to seduce consumers? Next, a review of everything we know in the preview.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: its possible features

In the image, the Google Pixel 7 Pro. What changes will the 2023 model include?

All guns point to the fact that the device will arrive with a Google Tensor G3 processorwhich will naturally mark a leap from the Tensor G2 present in the Pixel 7 series. Following the information from Android Headlines, it is believed that it will support UFS 4.0 flash storage -with a higher speed-, among other improvements with respect to the chip it will follow. An important detail: this component would also be included in the regular Pixel 8.

As for the RAM of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, it is said that the smartphone will have 12GB LPDDR5X, omitting the variant with 8 GB. The storage options would be 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, without the possibility of expansion, in any case. At this point, some reports raised the possibility that Mountain View will launch a variant with 1 TB.

For the rest, the speculations shuffle a slight increase in battery capacity, which would jump to 4,950 mAh compared to 4,926 mAh for the previous model. In that section there would also be an improvement in wired charging speed: 27 W compared to 23 W for the 2022 team. There would be no change in wireless charging speed.

The screen and design of the next Pixel Pro

The phone, in renders.  (Credit: OnLeaks)
The phone, in renders. (Credit: OnLeaks)

In the dance of rumors it is indicated that the Google Pixel 8 Pro would have an AMOLED panel of 6.7 inches. The resolution would be QHD + (2,992 x 1,344 pixels). Like its predecessor, it would have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a feature that improves fluidity while navigating the system. Of course, video games also benefit. In addition, the maximum brightness is rumored to be 1,600 nits, a slight improvement over the 1,500 of the Pixel 7 Pro.

What is known about the aesthetics of the Pixel 8 Pro? A few months ago, some renders were leaked that anticipated the appearance of the phone. If they conform to reality, there will be no major changes compared to last year’s flagship: the metal section to house the camera will continue on the back, accompanying the Google logo. The physical buttons would remain on the right side and the bezels would retain the thinness expected of a high-end smartphone. Of course: the corners could be somewhat more rounded.

To keep in mind: the Google Pixel 8 Pro would have a thickness of 8.7 millimeters, a little thinner than its predecessor. If the camera bump is added to the account, the thickness increases to 12 millimeters.

Cameras to continue fighting

The possible design of Google's mobile, with a mysterious fourth sensor.  (Credit: OnLeaks)
The possible design of Google’s mobile, with a mysterious fourth sensor. (Credit: OnLeaks)

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to feature an improved main camera over last year’s model. Previous reports indicated that it will include a 50 megapixel sensor, which will use Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 technology. In addition, a new 64-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens would be added, with a Sony IMX787. For its part, the telephoto lens would remain the same, with a 5x optical zoom. The presence of a 10.8 megapixel front camera was also speculated.

In March, renderings They showed a mysterious component in the mobile’s photographic system. On the occasion, the presence of a fourth sensor just below the flash drew attention. At the moment it is unknown what the technical characteristics of this component are. It could be a macro sensor, or depth.

A body thermometer?

Back and front of the Google Pixel 8 Pro

In May, the Google Pixel 8 Pro was seen in a filtered clip. That content showed a strange feature on the device: a sensor to measure body temperature. We saw that the user would need to access an app to start the measurement, and then turn the phone over to position it a short distance from the forehead.

According to 91Mobiles, that clip also showed the possible design of the mobile, which will bet on continuity, but with some interesting changes. As we noted above, one of them is the new format of the smartphone, which would have a slightly more curved finish, with more rounded corners and no curvature on the screen.

When will it be released and what will be the price of the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Everything points to a presentation in the tenth month of the year. For reference, the Pixel 7 series was announced on October 6. Google is expected to choose a similar time coordinate.

According Android Headlinesit’s very probable that the Google Pixel 8 Pro goes up in price. At this point, it should be remembered that the Pixel 7 Pro was launched last year for $899 in the United States, and €899 in European markets. Thus, it is rumored that the cost would be around 950 dollars.

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