Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Pitch controversy again before final, Indians doing it all

The 13th edition of the ICC ODI World Cup is being held in India. And being the host country, India is taking advantage of the pitch, there has been a rumor since the beginning of the World Cup. On the eve of the final, the pitch controversy started once again in the World Cup.

In the first semi-final, there were complaints that the pitch had been changed in the last minute. British media outlet Mail Online claimed that the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) had changed the wickets of the semi-finals without seeking permission from the ICC to favor the spinners. Instead of the new pitch, the game was played on the used pitch.

This time before the final, a new debate has started again about the pitch. Journalists have naturally flocked to Ahmedabad to know what the final pitch will be like or on which pitch it will be played. Then it became known that Andy Atkinson, the ICC’s chief pitch curator, was not around the pitch. Rather Indians are completing all the work.

India’s media NDTV reports, “On Friday, BCCI’s chief field officer Ashish Bhowmick and his assistant Tapas Chatterjee went to see the pitch preparation with former Indian pacer and BCCI’s general manager of domestic cricket, Abe Kuruvilla.”

Which means, Indians are doing the whole of this pitch. No ICC official was seen at the Narendra Modi Stadium today. Naturally, this has created a controversy. Rohit saw the pitch two days before the final. Netizens did not raise any questions about it. The new news naturally sparked a negative reaction.

The NDTV report also gives an idea of ​​how the final pitch will be, whether it will help the bowlers or the batsmen. Accordingly, the pitch-making process observed suggests that the final wicket will be a bit slower. Because, the pitch has been seen to be rolled with very heavy rollers.

NDTV quoted news agency PTI as saying, ‘A very heavy roller has been used on the black ground, it must be understood that a slow batting wicket is being made. Where you get big scores is ok, but won’t come regularly. 315 may be enough here. But it will be difficult to bat later.’

If this NDTV report is true, there is some good news waiting for India. Bumrah-Shami or Jadeja-Kuldeep will get good advantage on this pitch.

Meanwhile, Cricket Australia is already cautious about the Narendra Modi Stadium pitch. Pacer Mitchell Starc spoke about this after winning the semi-final against South Africa.

He said, ‘When we reach Ahmedabad, we will be able to tell about the pitch there. Get there first and then we can find out and see if the new wicket is played or the old wicket is played.’

(November 18/NBW)


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