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Piracy grows during 2021, reaches millions of downloads

Pirate websites achieved a total of 132 billion visits in the first nine months of the last year of 2021, with television, publishing, cinema, music, and ‘software‘ as the most affected sectors.

Piracy grows during 2021, reaches millions of downloads
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This follows from the latest study published by the digital protection solution Akamai Technologies together with MUSO, which has analyzed the persistence of Internet piracy, a phenomenon that represents losses of 25.8 billion euros a year in just U.S, according to data from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Between January and September 2021, global piracy demand reached 3.7 billion streaming and unlicensed downloads. This figure has been measured according to visits to websites that offer access to movies and television programs, either directly through a browser or a mobile application, as well as ‘torrent’ downloads.

According to the study, 61.5% of consumers who have visited piracy sites accessed them directly, while 28.6% actively searched for them.

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“In many areas, piracy continues to grow, with a global increase of 16% over the previous nine months,” MUSO Chief Technology Officer James Mason said in a statement.

Other data is also extracted from the Akamai report, such as the main sectors pirated were television (64 billion visits), the publishing sector (30 billion visits, 9.03 visits), and the cinema (14 billion visits in total). ).

In terms of visits per user according to the sector, sites with pirated television content obtained an average of 20.01 visits per Internet user in 2021, followed by 9.03 visits per user to sites with editorial content and 4.31 to illegal movie pages.

The study has also analyzed which have been the most pirated movies and television series during 2021. Godzilla vs. Kong, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and Black Widow were the three most illegally accessed films.

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As for TV series, the most popular piracy websites in 2021 were Loki, WandaVision, and Rick and Morty.

Behind are other sectors such as music (10.8 billion visits in total) and software, which includes video games and current PC software (8.9 billion visits in total).

Piracy sites received an average of 3.21 visits per Internet user in 2021 to access music illegally, compared to 2.68 visits per user to pirate software.

Globally, the United States ($13.5 billion), Russia ($7.2 billion), India ($6.5 billion), China ($5.9 billion), and Brazil ($4.5 billion) were the top five locations for visits to hacking websites in the last year.

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