Monday, January 30, 2023

Piqué and Laporta announce that the ‘Final Four’ of the Kings League will be held at the Camp Nou

Gerard Piqué and Joan Laporta announced the bombing that the Kings League had prepared. During the last hours it had been rumored that some parties of the ‘streamers’ competition will be held at the SpotifyCamp Nou. Finally, that idea is a fact and it is already official that it will be so.

After Laporta appeared by surprise in the ‘Chup Chup’ of the Kings League, the president of the competition and the president of Barça announced the great news and the ‘Final Four’ of the Kings League will be played at the Barça stadium, during the day of March 26.

In addition, Gerard Piqué has indicated that the entries They can be purchased from 9:00 p.m. this Fridaywith a price that will oscillate between 10 and 60 euros. Up to 90,000 people will be able to watch the four-way final live. The news has made the presidents of the clubs jump from their seats, who have received the good news with great enthusiasm.

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