Monday, December 4, 2023

Pione Sisto, the ‘landlord’ of a sect that wants to form a sovereign state in Portugal

Football player Pione Sisto He is remembered in Vigo both for his gallops down the left wing of the Celtic as for his eccentricities. The Danish international attacker, of South Sudanese origin, left the olive city in 2020 after defending the light blue shirt for four seasons. In all that time he had the opportunity to play more than 130 games with Celta, but in 2018 his performance on the pitch began to be questioned because of his personal problems and some controversial decisions that he took, such as eating only fruit for 21 days or driving to Denmark without permission from the club during the confinement by COVID-19.

Sisto’s time at Celta it was closed in the summer of 2020 with his transfer to Midtjylland of the Danish league, the club from which he arrived in 2016. Since then his career has passed away from the spotlight of the Spanish sports press, but his name has come back to the fore this week with the publication of a report by the media Portuguese Visao. The Portuguese newspaper assures in an article published yesterday afternoon that Pione Sisto is the owner of a 4.7-hectare piece of land where a sect has settled that wants to declare an independent sovereign state within the neighboring country.

The alleged sect calls itself Kingdom of Pineal. As Visão explains, this group of people is led by a British “spiritual guru” known as Água Akbal Pinheiro and their goal is to live away from the system and disconnected from the outside world. They live installed in Oliveira do Hospital, on land in the name of Pione Sisto in an inland area that is difficult to access. His claim, now, is to form a sovereign state and demand that Portugal recognize its autonomy. Local authorities have opened investigations into the group, carried out by the Public Ministry, the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) and the commission for the protection of minors.

The community is in a remote area, accessible via a country road and with no signs of civilization. The farm, formerly known as Quinta dos Sete Poços, is protected by fences and access to outsiders is prohibited. Although it is estimated that the sect is made up of at least forty people, some sources consulted by the Portuguese outlet Visão speak of almost a hundred members.

Its leader, Água Akbal Pinheiro (real name Martin Junior Kenny), is a Zimbabwean-born man who emigrated to the UK shortly after coming of age. At the age of 36, he claimed to have experienced a “profound spiritual experience” that radically changed his life. Since then he began to propagate his “philosophy” on the internet. His speech focuses on concepts such as the “great reset”, which is supposed to be completed in 2033. His cult members, the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Pineal will be the only ones capable of surviving the imminent “collapse” and claiming their place in the new world order. Until this comes, his goal is to create a sovereign, self-sufficient and ecological state.


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