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Photocall TV: enjoy more than 1000 free channels on your TV

Photocall TV It is the best proof that, in order to watch a traditional television channel, a specific program, series or movie that is transmitted through DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television), it is no longer necessary to have a television connected to the antenna. Nowadays, in fact, it is really easy to access TV channels from the television itself, smartphone, tablet or PC, in the same way – or even in a simpler way – that we access Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video but with important differences.

For example, Photocall TV and other similar platforms such as Pluto TV, allow you to view content for free, without the need to register and with hardly any limitations. They also usually have a catalog of extensive channels, both national and international, as well as additional functions. Among them, the possibility of listening to the radio.

Now, what is Photocall TV really? offers and why is it a platform to consider compared to other streaming services?

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What is PhotocallTV?

Photocall TV, specifically, is a website that brings together thousands of popular TV channels, both national and international, in a single site. Actually, what Photocall TV does is offer the user different links that lead to the live broadcast of that channel. Therefore, we can have direct access to all the free platforms that allow us to watch TV programs on the internet without having to access the specific website and search for the live TV section.

The platform also it’s completely free, and the user does not need to register. Simply access the web, select a channel, and choose one of the different ways to view the content. Photocall TV opens the player in a new tab so that the user can continue browsing channels if they wish.

Interestingly, Photocall TV does not only have TV channels. It also has radio programs, sports programs or children’s channels with specific content. For example, there is only one channel that broadcasts episodes of SpongeBob, or another of Pocoyo.

Where can you watch Photocall TV?

Being a website, Photocall TV is available on any device. It is best to access the platform from a PC, since it can work with extensions, such as one that allows you to activate the mode picture-in-picture and thus view content while browsing other pages or accessing other applications.

If you have a TV, you can also access the service from the built-in browser or by streaming the content through a Chromecast or similar device.

Unfortunately, there is no specific app for iOS or Android, so it is necessary to access Photocall TV from the browser. However, the interface is well adapted to smaller screens. Therefore, viewing content from the smartphone or from a tablet should not be a problem

How to access the platform to watch Free TV channels

You can enter Photocall TV from your PC, mobile or tablet from here. Or, by entering in the search bar If you open the platform on a smartphone, it is best to activate automatic rotation and use the device in a horizontal position. However, we reiterate, the web is correctly optimized for small screens and it is possible to zoom in order to enlarge the size of the logos of the different channels.

To watch a channel, just click on the logo. The platform will show different options; select one and if, for any reason, it does not work, choose another option until you can access the content.

Channels and catalog available

Live on Antena 3 through Photocall TV

Photocall TV has 1000 channels available, both national and international. Some nationals that we find on the platform are: RTVE channels, such as La 1, La 2, or Clan, Antena 3, Telecinco, La Sexta, Cuatro, Nova, Neox, TV3, Boing, TeleMadrid, etc. Notable internationals: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, BBC, Sky News, USA Today, Reuters, TMZ, etc.

It is also possible to access sports channels, such as those of different soccer teams, such as Barça TV, RealMadrid TV, RedBull, etc. There are other channels of specific themes, such as National Geographic, CN, Disney, ET, and more.

On Photocall TV there is also radio programs. Again, both national and international: Onda Cero, Rac 1, COPE, SER, Los 40, Cadena Dial, CNN, BBC, Fox New Radioetc.

What else does Photocall TV offer?

In addition to national and international television channels, as well as radio channels, Photocall TV also has a category called ‘Guide’. This allows access to different websites that show the programming of the main television channels in real time.

There is also another category called ‘Info’, with shortcuts to web-compatible extensions or features. For example, if you want to broadcast the content to your Chromecast, you just have to go to that tab, click on the section with this name and install the recommended extension.

Finally, Photocall TV also offers direct access to VPNssince some of the channels available on the platform —especially those international ones— may not be operational in some countries.

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