Thursday, June 1, 2023

Petrobras agrees to reduce the distribution price of natural gas by 8.1% starting in May

Petrobas announced this Monday an agreement with distributors to reduce the price of a cubic meter by 8.1% natural gas from the next month of May compared to the average value of the quarter between February and April.

The brazilian oil company has made this decision based on the variation in the price of the molecule and its transport through pipelines. In turn, fluctuations in the barrel of Brent and in the exchange rate are factors to be taken into account by both Petrobras and the distribution companies when updating the price of Brent on a quarterly basis. natural gas.

During the last quarter, the Petroleum it fell in the order of 8.7% and the exchange rate appreciated around 1.1%. With this update, the price of natural gas sold by Petrobras to distributors will accumulate a reduction of approximately 19% in the year.

However, this reduction will not be transferred directly to the final price paid by the consumer for natural gas, but this depends, in addition to the sale price set by the company, the supply portfolio of each distributor, their sales margins and the various federal and state taxes.

“The company points out that the update announced for the beginning of May does not refer to the price of liquefied cooking gas, bottled or sold in bulk,” Petrobras explained.


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