Thursday, December 1, 2022

Peru launches a campaign to promote nature and adventure tourism

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (Promperú) launched a campaign aimed at promoting nature and adventure tourism, since the demand for these activities has grown by 62% and 36%, respectively, in the country .

The campaign, which will last until the end of November, “seeks to generate interest in the national traveler to practice adventure and nature activities throughout the country, as well as promote sustainable tourism, invite them to enjoy protected natural areas and encourage formality in the provision of services for the development of these tourist activities”, detailed the Commission in a statement.

“Our country, due to its great geographical and ecological variety, allows us to offer visitors a series of activities that allow them to connect with the environment. These experiences reinforce in tourists the commitment to respect, enjoy and participate in the conservation of our natural attractions”, said the executive president of Promperú, Amora Carbajal.

He added that, with this campaign, they want to make Peruvians aware of all the nature and adventure activities that the country has to offer.

Part of this plan is the digital platform “Ytuqueplanes”, where the user can find more than one hundred offers from regional businessmen who offer nature and adventure activities.

This adventure and nature sector will be one of the protagonists of the first edition of the national fair “The Good of Traveling”, a space that will integrate tourist representatives from the 25 regions of the country with the aim of promoting tourism nationwide.

Promperú explained that in Peru you can develop different adventure tourism activities such as canyoning, diving, horseback riding, zip line, cycling, extreme swing, skiing, climbing, tree climbing, speleology or cave exploration, kayaking, paragliding, Tibetan bridge, rappelling , sandboarding (dune descent), stand up paddle (paddle surfing), sailing, canoeing, hiking and mountaineering.

In addition, you can do specialized nature activities such as bird watching, wildlife watching, flora watching and landscape watching.

Nature and adventure activities are the most in demand among potential national vacationers, followed by cultural tourism (53%), gastronomy (51%) and urban tourism (47%).

The increase in demand for this type of tourism also occurs internationally, according to the American company Adventure Travel Trade Association, 73% of tour operators are experiencing an increase in demand for national travel for adventure and nature activities this year.

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