Friday, December 2, 2022

Pepe Mel: “We have to be proud of the players”

Pepe Mel, in the match against Zaragoza.

Pepe Mel, in the match against Zaragoza.
The league

Pepe Mel appeared at a press conference after the tie in the visit of the Malaga CF to Real Zaragoza. The three points were important, but the blue and white coach was very satisfied with the work of the players: “We have to be proud of the players. They have played as a group, as a team, they have been united, they have had good communication, tactically they have defended well. We even got ahead.”

The technician recognized that the expulsion of Javi Jimenez It was a hard blow to the approach of the match, something that has already happened on several occasions: “Everything that we have worked on during the week and everything that we have raised in the previous one has collapsed in minute 15. Something already happened to us Similar in Cartagena. We had to fight a lot and today has been the same. A team that suffers for the classification, today has suffered doubly“.

However, and although the result may not seem the most suitable for the LaLiga SmartBank classification, Pepe Mel leaves La Romareda optimistic: “With so little to go, you lose two points, you leave with bad feelings. If you look at it with perspective, today is to be proud of the players“.

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