Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pepe Mel: “Only footballers can get Málaga CF out of this situation”

Like almost every game, Málaga CF once again deserved more this Saturday against Burgos CFwho took a point at La Rosaleda, after a 1-1 draw that leaves the Castilians more satisfied than Málaga CF, which is still stuck in the relegation zone.

Pepe Mel thus analyzed the match against the team from Burgos. “We did a good 60 minutes and then our nerves and precipitation got the better of us. We did the most difficult thing, which is to put you ahead of Burgos, and what cannot be is that the rival scores a goal on our counterattack in our half. You have to have more work winning 1-0 at home. We must not make that mistake. Then anxiety and nerves got the better of us,” he explained.

Asked if he sees himself capable of taking the team out of the relegation zone, Mel was blunt: “I feel qualified to move this forward. There is a lot of League left, but point by point is complicated. I trust my work and the players I have. I hope to end this streak quickly. We try in every possible way. I’m going home bad because we lost 2 points,” she said.

Mel is aware that the team dynamic is affecting the players. “The team is in decline and the footballers wear it on their legs and on their heads. But I don’t see indolent players or lower their arms. On the contrary, they try, what happens is that things don’t work out.”

Regarding this critical situation of the team, the Madrid coach did not want to comment on whether he can be dismissed in the next few hours. “Tomorrow at 10.30 am I will work with the team… if the club doesn’t tell me otherwise. We are not going to give up. I repeat that the players are the first interested in everything going well. I don’t see the team down and that’s key to keep trying. But it is true that we did not win. Only footballers can get Málaga CF out of this situation“.

Lastly, the malaguista coach complained about a play that could have been decisive for the fate of the match. “There has been a resounding penalty to Ndiaye. We have seen it repeated. “It’s something that… I don’t even know how to explain it,” she finished.

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