Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘People thought I didn’t have work, so I opened YouTube channel’, cancer survivor Chhavi Mittal explains the reason

TV actress and breast cancer survivor Chhavi Mittal remains very active on social media. She flaunts the scars on her body from cancer very well. However, Chhavi Mittal has to face her share of trolling as well. Recently in an interview, Chhavi told that there was a time in her life when people started saying that she does not have work, so she has opened her channel on YouTube. Started earning money from this.

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Chhavi Mittal said in a conversation with Siddharth Kanan, “When my husband and I started the YouTube channel, people said what are these two doing. Hey, they might not be getting work, so they started the channel and sat down. , People liked our videos, but kept only one question in their mind that what are you doing by making this content?”

“Then when 3-4 videos were made and became hits, everyone started calling us and asking, well, how much money are you getting for making these videos and uploading them on YouTube? You are earning money from this. We also want to make our own channel. How is it made? Tell us too. Everyone wanted our advice in this matter.

“Uploading videos on YouTube, making your own channel, is a commitment. Just like you are dedicated towards your child, in the same way you have to be dedicated towards your channel. If you are thinking that from the very first video you will start earning So it is not so. You will have to pay a lot of attention to it. It may earn and feed you, it may not. Do it only if you are committed. We are committed to our channel. This is the only advice we have given. Gave it to everyone. But it was not like we didn’t have work, so we started this.”

Talking about Chhavi Mittal’s workfront, she has worked from small screen to films and also on OTT platform. Chhavi is a very big actress. However, last year the actress came in the news regarding breast cancer. She is often seen posting image photos on social media, in which she is seen flaunting body scars. Chhavi has close to six lakh followers on Instagram.

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