Friday, December 2, 2022

‘People are watching Urfi Javed’s pictures while in bed, liking them’, why did Chetan Bhagat say?

Literature till date 2022 has got off to a great start. On the second day of Sahitya Aaj Tak, the best writer Chetan Bhagat knocked. In the court of literature, Chetan Bhagat has spoken on today’s young generation and fashion queen Urfi Javed. Know what Chetan Bhagat said about the social media session Urfi.

What did Chetan Bhagat say about Urfi?
Chetan Bhagat is known for his writing as well as his outspoken style. On the stage of Sahitya Aaj Tak, Chetan Bhagat advised today’s youth to read books. Chetan says that internet and data is a good thing, but it has made our youth weak. The boys keep watching reels on the phone all day. Keep liking the photos.

Next, he talks about Urfi Javed and says that the youth is liking Urfi Javed’s photo. What will you say in the interview, I know all the dresses of Urfi. Urfi is not at fault. She is making her career. People are looking at pictures of Urfi by entering the bed. Today I have also come after seeing Urfi’s pictures. Today she is wearing two phones. Chetan Bhagat also said that people like Urfi Javed keep meeting. Stories are made on this.

Talked on Ullu TV as well
Apart from Urfi Javed, Chetan Bhagat also spoke openly on Ullu TV. Chetan says what is an owl, who stays awake at night. Ullu TV is that which is seen at night. Chetan Bhagat says that there was a lack of entertainment during his time. That’s why he started writing. Chetan further said that at the age at which one has to study, there is a lot of desire to date, to have a girlfriend. But having a good girlfriend will not get you a job. Yes, it can definitely happen that if you have a good job, you will get a good girlfriend.

Chetan says that my aim is to bring the youth in the best direction. Reading is a positive thing, which increases your attention. People have become addicted to the phone, which is not good.

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