Friday, September 22, 2023

Pentathlete Tamara Vega denounces her former coach for pedophilia

The Mexican pentathlete Tamara Vega made the complaint against her former coach Sergio “N” official, accompanied by her legal representatives, the native of Chihuahua stated that “the feeling of fear is over, that’s why I can raise my voice and I’m proud of that.”

The criminal lawyer, Jorge Luis Martínez Ocampo, provided the details about the case.

“The decision was made to file a complaint with the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes of Violence against Women and Human Trafficking of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic,” adding that “according to the study that was made of the narrative of the athlete herself there is the crime of trafficking in persons, pedophilia and whatever results, that is, it will correspond to the public prosecutor which crime is integrated ”.

It was last May when Tamara Vega made public the abuse she suffered from her former coach, she said that after that date “I have not received direct threats from the person, yes through third parties, but I am not afraid of him.”

The 30-year-old pentathlete shared that she did go into depression, but this made her understand that “knowledge is power, and right now I feel empowered thanks to my three lawyers, who are telling me every day that I am doing what correct”.

In addition to seeking justice, Tamara hopes that more victims of a similar situation have the confidence to file the corresponding complaints, “I want other people to realize that they can raise their voices, that justice exists and that they realize that they are not alone”, because even other athletes have sought her out to ask her “how am I doing?”.

For the moment, Vega Arroyos says she is protected by the International Union of Modern Pentathlon and by a Mexican sports organization, who notified her that her alleged attacker cannot be present at the competitions. In this regard, the lawyer Martínez Ocampo specified that “there is the possibility of prohibition of Sergio “N” from approaching the victim and/or his family”.

The next step for Tamara Vega in this complaint will be “to ratify the interview before the magisterial authority, the necessary expert opinions will be carried out to prove whether there is an affectation or not.”

“The important thing is that the facts are clarified, impunity is eliminated, the innocent are protected and the victim is paid for the damage,” concluded the pentathlete’s lawyer.


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