Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pellicer: “You have to fight until there is the slightest possibility”

Sergio Pellicer he wants to hold on to that “minimum chance” that Málaga CF has of saving itself in order to keep the squad connected. “We have a responsibility and it is to compete”he explained. The blue and white coach appealed to the “demand of what we represent” to win the match against Mirandés (Saturday, 9:00 p.m.) go ahead and stay alive one more day, hoping that the rivals fail.

Mood of the squad

“It was a stab in the heart. It’s like that. Really right now it’s such a complicated situation that our focus is another game. We started to convey that idea of ​​beating Mirandés. It’s what we have left. We cling to it. Those in charge of managing the groups we have to temper our soul and redeem ourselves, so as not to give up. You have to fight until there is the slightest possibility. It is not a matter of illusion. It is responsibility. Responsibility and demand for everything we represent, for the people of the club and fans. We have to compete on Saturday and be in the fight.”

Minimum stay options

“We have a minimal chance. We have to accept criticism, it has to make us stronger. Understand that it is an extreme situation and that is why we are professionals. We stay out of everything. Since the Tuesday that we trained, we transmit that energy. The rest we have to assume it. We have to win on Saturday and we’ll see what happens.”

complex situation

“We’ve been there almost all season. This situation has been clear and transparent. The locker room speeches remain there. Pure and hard reality. We have a responsibility and it is to compete. We have seen the previous days of teams had nothing and we do have a minimal chance. It is an act of dignity to our profession. That’s going to be the way to manage it.”

Team Changes

“We have to be much more effective and have much more self-determination and energy. They are two completely different games. It was seen in Ponferrada that we lacked that clarity of ideas. We have analyzed it and we are self-critical. The coach cannot blame the others, he has They have to blame themselves and look for solutions. I have detected the reason for this situation, I have told them. Beyond names it is a matter of personality. The player who appears, who gives everything and has personality and courage. Since Las Palmas we have been playing finals and that generates a limit situation on a mental and physical level. We have to unblock ourselves and seek victory with that energy.”

Rival: Mirandes

“We put the focus on them, they have a lot of energy. It’s a very vertical and young team. It has players who in the future will be at the top level. I highlight the energy and joy with which they play. They will propose a round trip match and we have worked on it to be close to the rival area, generate dangerous situations, be aggressive under pressure… We have to be at the best mental and energy level”.


“Except Ramón, we’ll see if we’re all there. From the subsidiary I’d like to have some more but what they’re playing with…”.

fan protests

“It’s normal, you have to understand it. I understand the fans perfectly. They are the people who suffer the most along with the employees. You read we understand. There will be time to take notes”.


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