Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Pellicer: “What counts is victory, you have to be calm”

appeared Sergio Pellicer at a press conference after the fifth victory of the Malaga CFthis time against San Fernando (1-0). However, the blue and white coach remained very serious, being very aware of the value of getting these three points, but also with his feet on the ground because of all the room for growth that lies ahead: “What matters is the victory, there is “I have to be calm,” he analyzed.

What assessment can be made of the meeting? «This is a matter of goals. We have had some mistakes, but we needed to look for the second. The first minute of the second half puts them into the game. I want to congratulate you. New team, young people. We suffered in the second half, but we need the improvement of scoring the second and controlling the game. “It’s a learning experience, the work has been brutal.”

However, above all else, we must value the result: «Someday they may score a goal against you. In the First Division they have gone from 3-0 to 3-3. In Primera RFEF they have conceded 2 goals in 1 minute. There are going to be situations in which they tie. Young people will be suffering and it is the best scenario. We could have controlled the game and that was not the case. We have had many situations to score the second goal. “We have to be calm and think about Recre, but I want to congratulate the players.”

Lack of goal

Now, are you worried about Sergio Pellicer’s lack of goals? «It is a question of effectiveness. We have had more situations than in Linares. There have been moments when we have not suffered without the ball, but any cross or set piece… the rest is a matter of efficiency. They have executed well, seeking precision, it will come. In Linares we had very few and we played whatever we wanted. In these last 30 minutes not so much.

There are several names that the coach wanted to highlight. The first was Roberto, who ran into the rival goalkeeper several times, leaving him without scoring this Sunday. «Roberto is spectacular. How he works he, how he squeezes… for me it is as if I had scored three goals. Another, unfortunately, is Victor Garcia. The club has already announced that it suffers discomfort in the adductor of his left leg. Pellicer wanted to be cautious while waiting for tests, but the most obvious thing is that he will have to stop for a few weeks. At the same time, he highlighted the work of Dani Sánchez “for entering a complicated context.”

Recre, the next duel

Now, ahead, there is a new week of work. There are already five consecutive victories, but everyone wants more. «What matters is achieving victory. Now you have to be calm. When you win you tend to relax and that cannot be. Winning is not easy in any category. I would have liked a second goal to make the fans enjoy. “I needed the players to have more fun,” concluded the blue and white coach.


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