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Pellicer: “We must dedicate the victory to Haitam”

Sergio Pellicer He appeared in the press room minutes after learning of Haitam’s serious injury that will make him miss the rest of the season and a good part of his press conference was focused on this delicate situation and the rest of the injured. “It’s a stab to everyone’s heart,” he said. The blue and white coach confirmed that he recovers Kevin and Manu Molina to face a “very recognizable” Alcoyano. “They are intense and suffocating. That will lead us to be concentrated, to the limit,” he added.


“Give him all our support, be all on top of the situation. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a footballer. Right now these are very hard times on a personal level. There are examples like Sergio Canales, who had three crusaders and was international. We have to provide support personally. He is a stab to the heart for everyone. For what he was giving us. We knew we had to go little by little. We have to look for solutions, other players have to step forward. We have to dedicate the victory to him. You have to help him. “I’ve had three of those, I thought it was going to be less, I wanted to be optimistic.”

Team spirit

“It was a hard day. This squad is a family. Sometimes we say that we get along well and it is a false harmony. Now it can be said, there is a very united group. Victories with friends are celebrated better than with strangers. The best way to support him is for us to continue competing. We have to look for the best solutions, but it takes me now to the most personal issue. When you have the second injury, they are very hard times for a professional. It is a very harmful and aggressive sport. We see it with the issue of national teams. Football today takes us to a limit. When I played it had nothing to do with it, we played at a different speed. We have to move forward, improving physically and mentally. “This is going to keep happening.”

Rest of injured

“We recovered Einar due to suspension and Kevin and Manu Molina have made an effort to be. The others are still in the recovery process.”

Luca Sangalli

“It may take a little longer. He is not feeling comfortable. We know about Juande that it will be prolonged. Luca’s injury is complicated because of the area of ​​the injury, I think it will take time.”

Match against Alcoyano

“That’s the first question, but it’s normal… We have to put everything aside and focus on the game. We are going to find a very recognizable team. They come in a good dynamic, they had a great first half in Castellón. They put good pressure, they are the team that recovers the best. They are intense and suffocating. That will lead us to be concentrated, to the limit. Be very clear that we need a complete match in all phases of the game. May we all be prepared. “We have to know how to detect spaces and improve in the final third, creativity has to appear.”

Return of Galilee

“There is Einar, also Kevin and Manu Molina. You are adding, it is important. Let’s see if we stop subtracting. He is another important player in the squad and he is going to give us more wardrobe for any match context. There are players who go to the limit, who train partially and will have to participate. The initial photo is one, but it is important to see how we finished. It is a moment of collective feeling, finding the complete game in all aspects. “We need the best version.”

Galilea gave Málaga CF the victory against Atleti B in stoppage time. GREGORIO MARRERO

The coach also returns

“Experience does not mean you are an expert in anything. I think it was unfair, you have to accept it. “I’m going to have to control those aspects a little more, I’ll look for other words to motivate the player.”


“We will evaluate it when it arrives. I do not agree on the issue of dates. I would like to play on Wednesday. We have to compete, Málaga has to compete when they play in the Cup. We have a lot of people behind us, if you don’t compete you embarrass a lot of people. Now we have a higher-class rival. We will take people from the subsidiary, and even more so in the situation we are in. Sometimes solutions appear.”

Transfer market

“It’s not my job, it’s Loren’s. Possibly in these weeks we will talk, you have to do analysis. The focus is on the game, that my players are on the hook. “We can’t be distracted from anything.”


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