Friday, December 8, 2023

Pellicer: “We haven’t had a good day, but I congratulated the players”

Sergio Pellicer could not sit on the bench, due to the final expulsion in Antequera, but he did offer the usual press conference after concluding the match against Córdoba in La Rosaleda (1-1). He highlighted above all the efforts of his footballers: “We haven’t had a good day, but I congratulated the players”he alleged.

After expressing that, above all, there was a lack of energy during the first half in the release of the ball, so that too many facilities were granted for the rivals to run, he set the key to the match in the stop by Alfonso Herrero in the last moments and the subsequent equalizer materialized by Haitam. “The boys are not machines. We have faced one of the best teams in the category and, although the point does not satisfy us, we have to stay with the soul we have put into it. With one less, we have gone with more heart than head.”

He also recognized that, without success in many phases of the clash, “the only way to break the game was to disorganize it”. The Castellón coach did not want to hide behind the accumulation of injuries, which will affect the game ahead of the match in Ibiza. He elaborated on the quality of the Córdoba team and the fans of Málaga CF who have helped “in very difficult times.” And, regarding the choice of the moment in which to make the changes, asked about this aspect, It was stated that anyone can opt to obtain a coaching card to be able to question the appropriateness of each decision in that area.

Pellicer fears that the message of euphoria will spread among the players. “We are there, but there are several teams that are doing better than us. But issues like injury problems are going to happen to all of us. This is very long and very difficult”, he wanted to point out. “I am focused on getting the most out of the boys. And they are brave, the bravest there are. This time they were not happy after the game, but they were exhausted and we have to value what they are doing, even in a bad game “, he concluded.

In certain phases of the duel, the Málaga CF coach recognized that the long delivery had been abused, so that in the second half he wanted to look more for “the intermediate zones.” As in previous analyses, for the Castellón native The important thing is to “compete in every game and be as high as possible.”. In this category you do not win with the shield, as you can see in both groups. “We are wrong if we look at the position at this point.”

“The fans have won us a point. From there we have to be very demanding with ourselves, without forgetting that we are people. Even though we were not right, the boys have gone for the game. In a more disorderly way, yes. The other day we played a very competitive game and not today. Now it’s time to prepare for the week ahead of Ibiza and the approach is to prepare it with optimism“, concluded the technician himself.


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